Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cream of the Crap

That’s not a typographical error. Crap. Not crop but crap. Crap is a slang word that means:

1. an offensive term for nonsense, or something worthless or annoying
2. an offensive term for an act of passing solid waste matter out of the body through the anus
3. an offensive term for excrement

an offensive term meaning worthless, useless, or lacking in ability

(past and past participle crapped, present participle crap·ping, 3rd person present singular craps)

an offensive term meaning to pass solid waste matter out of the body through the anus

So what’s with the ‘crap’ talk?

Well, yesterday I decided to browse the Team Chiz forum since I have not done so in days due to three research papers. There was a new forum member who calls himself Jose Pidol. Again - that’s not a typographical error. Pidol not Pidal.

To say the least, he is not a fan of Chiz Escudero which makes you wonder why he decided to join our forum. Well, he is actually not a fan of current politicians although he seems to have a soft spot for the Fake One.

Despite of my laidback sarcasm, I do have enough vitriolic ammunitions against people who personally attack other Team Chiz forum members. Let’s just say that Jose Pidol received some of it last night. It’s a Capricorn thing. We’re not showy with emotions but are quite fiercely loyal friends. Although I have not seen most of the forum members personally, I consider them friends. Anyone who dares to hurt them will be placed at the firing end of my tirades.

What did this Jose Pidol said that caused my irritation?

He said that I and the rest of the Team Chiz volunteers are CHEAP because we campaigned for him for free.
He said that our pictures with Chiz Escudero (which are proudly displayed as our forum signatures) should be subjected to Photoshop.

You can now make your evaluation whether this person is rational or not. But for the sake of rationality, let me answer his accusations.

Cheap is defined as:
costing little: low in price or cost, or lower in price than might reasonably be expected

charging little: charging low prices but offering good value

poor quality: inexpensive and of poor quality

worth little: worth little or accorded little value

undeserving of respect: not deserving to be respected

unfair: dishonorable, offensive, or unfair, especially in a way that seems obvious or calculated (a cheap trick)

stingy: stingy or unwilling to give freely

I am pretty sure that despite of his deficiency in reasoning, he is using the word ‘cheap’ as ‘undeserving of respect.’

Team Chiz members volunteered because we want to help Escudero. In the same manner, can Jose Pidol call the Gawad Kalinga volunteers cheap? Many criticizes the expenses incurred during elections. Isn’t volunteerism one way of lessening the expenditures? Team Chiz volunteers are not cheap. Call them altruistic.

Regarding the Photoshop issue, one forum member said that subjecting one’s picture to computer enhancements is the same as electoral cheatings. Deep. What he means is that both results to fake products.

Come on. Do I look like someone who needs the magic of Photoshop?

Now that I have defended my fellow Team Chiz members - let me defend myself.

Jose Pidol added that I may have had a Monica Lewinsky moment with Escudero as a payment for all my volunteer work. He also asked if it was ‘short.’ This guy got some class, noh?

Here are my answers.
I do not have a blue dress.
I rarely wear a dress.
I only met Chiz Escudero twice a) the first one was with a friend and a couple of 2bU Philippine Daily Inquirer staff and b) second was last week with four other Team Chiz members in the Senate building. It would be difficult to do a Lewinsky in front of others. The best alternative would be an orgy.

By now, my sarcasm has equaled my cholesterol level. )

However, what really caught my attention is that Jose Pidol called my blog a crap. Short of calling it a shi*t hole if you ask me. It is fine with me. I do not mind if you call my blog a crap or a piece of dirt rag stuck in the as* of a hydrophobic filthy hag. I do not mind.

Maybe if Manuel L Quezon III called my blog a crap then that would have affected me. But it was a certain forum member named Jose Pidol who does not have an ounce of analytical and grammatical skills as MLQ3 who called it a crap.

Lastly, this Jose Pidol threatened to cut off my wings. Wings? Yes. Phoenix? The Purple Phoenix? Phoenixes have wings.

I got some bad news for him. The phoenix does not die. Because of its ability of rebirth - it is almost an immortal creature. Like the mythical creature, the Purple Phoenix will not die. I am too good to be killed by your empty threats. Cut off my wings? Try me.

Unless he is talking about the wings of a sanitary napkin…

Here's a new development. As I was about to post this article, I opened my private messaging box in our forum and there were to messages of an apologetic Jose Pidol. Ang bilis naman. Ngayon pa lang ako ginaganahan.


Kuya Nick said...


* The action of using someone or something as a model

Jose Pidol is obviously imitating the persona, Jose Pidal. Just picking up a model, you can already tell if who is the "CRAP" one.

Arbet said...

Geesh. They are dime a dozen, looking for fights. Can't we just debate on issues?

I can't blame some people who think they are superior. Comparing them with the kind of Pidol, they are indeed superior. Geesh.

Nick said...

Jowana, kaya nga, I'll always be a friend...

But seriously, Arbet is right, these people truly are a dime a dozen.

I often wonder, about one of my own regular commenters in my own blog, whether or not he is a neglected 3 year old who hasn't had his diapers changed in months.. But I enjoy his comments nonetheless..

This is the beauty of what we do here on the internet. Sometimes it's just fun to laugh at the idiots, who love to be annoying..

mschumey07 said...

Agree with Arbet and Nick. We often refer to them as lurkers or Trolls. I would rather call them as surots.

Abner M. Hornedo, M.D. said...


hi! this is my first time to visit your blog and i disagree with the "pidol creature" that your blogsite is a crap.

minsan ang inggit sa kapwa masama ang ibinubunga... hayaan mo lang, don't stoop down to his/her level!


btw, thaaks for the link... im surprised. ;-)

fmontserrat said...

That was anti-climatic. And I was hoping he would put up a good fight and you'd gladly kick his -ss. Anyway, I believe Team Chiz know better than to pick on fights with people excused by law for having been outside their lucid intervals (READ: demented lifeforms).

gari said...

Hi Jowanna,

Pauso ni Tatay Schumey, YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!


The Purple Phoenix said...

^ Hello po!

Ngayon ko lang nabasa lahat ng messages niyo. Thanks! (Nakaalis rin sa mundo ng research work kahit sandali :)

Kuya Nick,
Nakapili siya ng tamang role model si Jose Pidal.

Sir Arbet,
Geesh talaga :)

Sir Nick,
Sa inyo neglected 3 year old. Si Jose Pidol ng rivate message. Sabi niya 12 year-old siya na hindi nabigyan ng allowance at nanakawan pa. Kaya daw siya nagkaganon.

Sir Schumey,
Trolls :) :)

Doc Abner,
No prob with the link :)

Blue Train,
Sorry di ko pa napupuntahan Friendster mailbox ko :( Later :) Dagdagan mo pa. Demented LOWER life forms. Sinabi ba naman sa akin na blog daw ni MLQ3 ang kinaiinisan niya kaya daw ako ang napagbuntunan ng galit. Huh? Ano raw pakiulit? Ang labo talaga.

Sir Gari,
Ala. Tatay Schumey...nakakatanda ba si Sir Schumey sa ating lahat :)

fmontserrat said...

^^ Now that you've mentioned it, am starting to feel sorry for the guy for his hard luck. That, or for the education system's failure to correct his twisted logic.

ayrene's love said...

Any action committed in ANGER is an action doomed to FAILURE.


Richard Lionheart said...

I am a fan of Chiz Escudero...

The Purple Phoenix said...

^ Welcome to the club! Join ka sa

The Purple Phoenix said...

^ Ayrene! True. Ganda ng quote!

The Purple Phoenix said...

Hello Blue Train! Kawawa talaga. Pero nanahimik na :)

Anonymous said...

What an irony? defensive in nature....Maybe Jose pidol is a crap after all, but the way i analyzed your situation, he is a big winner. he won your hate and now you despice him. Bad publicity is still publicity. I cant imagine how pathetic this blog is. I an a new reader of this blog and i enjoy most of the things said here, however, the last post about a certain poster named pidol or pidal wasted a lot of your energy in creative writing.there seems to be a moral lesson here, i can only speak for myself and what Jesus has to say, HE who has no sin, shall cast the first stone...


Fleurdelis said...

Maybe if Manuel L Quezon III called my blog a crap then that would have affected me. But it was a certain forum member named Jose Pidol who does not have an ounce of analytical and grammatical skills as MLQ3 who called it a crap.
-----------------------------------Oh yes, MANOLO is a crap...CRAP begets follow a pied piper with a FAG face....EXPLAINER or be or not to be...

Team Gordon 2010 said...

Probably got scared of your good looks.


Anonymous said...

i got nothing against you, but you know i don't know what do the opposition do for mindanao? I always hear big ideas and very good ideas in the senate and congress coming from the opposition pero dito sa Mindanao in my opinion wala kaming nakikita na ginagawa ninyo from the opposition. Puro lang dakdak sa senate and all.geeeeezzz you guys stop arguing and try to let us feel you are here with doing something relevant and obvious...

possum said...

Good evening to the host - what freedom of speech and a lot of brains can do to an issue. My admiration to your creators for they gave you/disciplined you in such a way that I am willing to give up my 'BASKIN and ROBBINS' weekly gift certificates.
Set aside the praises!!! I've been reading your blogs lately and they are with accuracy - keep it up!I hope you have some DECEMBER issues... stay smart!

CresceNet said...

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manilenya said...

I am not a fan of Chiz Escudero but I am without a doubt not a fan of Jose Pidal/Pidol, meaning if time comes that I need to vote again I can well why not try Chiz, instead of preying myself and the rest of the Filipino in the hands of these evil family and their adherent in the government?

Happy new year sayo!

The Purple Phoenix said...

Salamat sa lahat ng comments! Wow. Ngayon na lang ulit. Matagal-tagal na bakasyon.

Pramis...babalik na ako...

with vengeance ika nga!

Anonymous said...

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