Wednesday, February 06, 2008

No Excuses

I’m back. Several pertinent reasons can explain the long absence. First, I had to prioritize school. The academic requirements were a bit hard. Second, I had to prioritize my self. I need to rest. Blogging is a serious activity. Important endeavors must not mix with personal relaxation. I still surf the Net but I deliberately stayed away from blogging. Third, I was waiting for an earth-shaking political event that reeks with absurdity – something worth my sarcasm.

The event has arrived. Who would have thought that Jose De Venecia Jr., will not be anymore addressed as House Speaker? Damn. He’s like Pope John Paul II. (Before you hurl invectives, let me explain the comparison.) I was born in 1984 and all throughout my formative years in a Catholic school, I only knew one pope – John Paul II. Same goes with the head of the Lower House. All throughout my regular political discussions and debates with my father during my formative years, I only knew one House Speaker – Jose De Venecia Jr. (Yup. I had political discussions and debates with my father during my formative years. Some fathers read their kids fairy tales, I had Fidel Castro.) Of course, I knew Ramon Mitra but he was so tragic. Loosing a presidential race that was supposed to be in the bag because of some withdrawn endorsements – it was just sad. I hate sadness. Then here is a guy promoting Rainbow Coalition. I mean come on. For a young girl, the choice is clear between sadness and rainbows.

During the crucial moments of his embattled leadership, I was in the middle of a class debate. So, I wasn’t able to see De Venecia at his most vulnerable. Damn. Good thing our group won.

Wow. Really – I’m still reeling from the events. De Venecia is not the House Speaker? Unbelievable. The House Speakership is almost like a birthright for him. It’s like second skin. I would like to think that he now feels naked (in the figurative manner) now that he is just plain Representative Jose De Venecia Jr.

Before the actual events, news reports abound with talks that his House allies prefer to give him a graceful exit. Graceful exit? What a load of bull. I wanted a different kind of exit. I wanted De Venecia to stark raving mad. I wanted him to spew the nasty beans of the Midget One. He did. But I still wanted more. Piece of advice: Joe, let it all out. I still do not like you. But this could actually increase your chances of winning in a senate race. Oh yeah. Remember that Manuel Villar Jr., was a rich but dull congressman – then he quickened the Estrada Impeachment. Now he’s a senator aspiring for the highest position. Joe, you do not have an ounce of charisma of – let’s say Barack Obama – but this is your chance. Grab it.

Now we have a new Speaker of the House. Boy oh Boy Nograles. If De Venecia reminds me of Mr. Potato Head, Rodrigo Duterte’s least favorite person reminds my very young cousin of a cartoon monkey (whose name now escapes me). However, Nogi Boy is another story. I’ll write one. I have two interesting stories about our new House Speaker. I personally experienced it, so it’s true.

Joe is gone. I am back. Life is good.

Nograles is top dog. Life sucks.


Arbet said...

Welcome back!

At least you are not dismissing JDV outright. A lot of people would hear none of his exposes. The Fortress did its homework well.

The Purple Phoenix said...

Thanks Sir!

Nah. I'm not dismissing him. Who else can spill the bigger beans than a former comrade?

Anonymous said...

Yay! You're back! Just when I thought you'd let another moment pass without hurling any witty comment, you came in just in time!

On an even more humorous note, did you notice how JDV's eyebrows seem to droop unevenly? It's a sign that things could get ugly, and I mean literally ugly that is. Haha.

(Sana tuloy tuloy na po ang pag-a-update ng blog. Anyway, maligayang ika-100! :D)

mschumey07 said...

Welcome back Jowana! We missed you. JDV will never simply fade away. In fact, he is offering himself to the senate to reveal all he knows of the wheeling and dealings of the tiyanak in the palace. Now they are trying to appease him.

I'm sure he will finally sing his swan song and nail the family everybody hates.

The Purple Phoenix said...

Sir Schumey and Blue Train,

Thanks for the comments. I'm back and I'm gonna be active :)

Abner M. Hornedo, M.D. said...

hi jowana! its good to read new posts from you again. welcome back to the blogosphere world!

as i've said... everything comes to an end and its JDV's end we are seeing.

problem is... another "hungrier" monkey is the new speaker, ilan milyon or bilyon naman kaya ang kukurakutin nito... tsk tsk tsk

The Purple Phoenix said...

^ He! He! Mas maganda pong itanong kung ilan na ang nakurakot ng panabigong ganid.