Friday, July 27, 2007

The Jamby Enigma

The first time I heard of the name Jamby Madrigal was way before the official campaign period in 2004. She starred in a badly-disguised public service commercial extolling her anti-politicking campaign. You remember this...J-J-J-Jamby Madrigal!

That advertisement was a favorite college laugh trip. Next to Mar Roxas' Palengke propaganda and Pia Cayetano's infectious Pia-Pia-Pia-Cayetano - the Madrigal heiress has the third ranking LSS jingle. I also joked that when I run as mayor of our town (which will not happen sooner or later), I would pattern my campaign song after Madrigal. J-J-J-Jowana B Bueser! The mere thought is more than horrifying.

But you have my assurance - I did not vote for Jamby Madrigal. If you still remember her campaign ad, there were back-up dancers that provided extra oomph to her campaign (if that is even remotely possible). Some of the dancers were from UP. I had a chance to meet one of them in the Peyups forum. He seems quite embarass with her Jamby association. So he freed himself from further embarassment through a courageous self-declaration. He said, 'Hindi ko iboboto si Jamby. Tinanggap ko lang ang trabaho para kumita ng pera.'

In my case, I would not even lend my dancing skills to that rich bianing. You know what's a bianing?

Anyway, as the title suggests - Madrigal has become an enigma.

What is her motive for launching he senate presidential bid of Aquilino Pimentel?

My good friends gave me their two cents worth of political analysis.

1. Jamby Madrigal will run for president in 2010 and she wants to take down obstacles such as Manuel Villar.

2. Jamby Madrigal is eyeing the vice presidency of Mar Roxas and she wants to level the playing field of all 2010 presidentiables.

3. Jamby Madrigal wants Mar Roxas to win and she is doing everything for her one true love.

The last one got the group's agreement.


But this is no laughing matter. This is a manifestation of the rich and powerful maneouvering the political dynamics of our country. Her enormous campaign spending was just a tip of the iceberge. Her assistance to incarcerated solon Antonio Trillanes was a public exercise. The 2010 electoral competition is the main event.

It is the Main Event of the Madrigal moolah.

I can almost hear her say, 'I made it possible for a mutineer win and I can also do the same for an imbecile lawmaker to become a president.'

The force of her enigma is palpable. But again - you have my assurance - I will not vote for her.


fmontserrat said...


The Purple Phoenix said...

^ be afraid. Be very afraid.

mschumey07 said...

Its all about protecting the status quo. The elite will do their best to hold on to power. Kaya nga ayaw ng mga trapo ang party lists. Takot silang mawala sa poder. Kaya ayun, pati party list ay pinasok na nila.

Political positioning na for 2010. This early, hte people should learn to discern.

Arbet said...

Hhhmmmm.... she gets things done.

I will vote for her if she will do the following:

1. Raise a reward money for those who could positively point where Jonas Burgos is.
2. Coerce via any means any generals and soldiers to withdraw support from Gloria Arroyo.
3. Scuttle the political careers of Manuel Villar, Manuel Roxas, Panfilo Lacson, and Loren Legarda.

Otherwise, she should just stay quiet and vote NO to any major Arroyo legislative initiative.

The Purple Phoenix said...

Sir Schumey,

Baka bumalik tayo sa feudalism pag nanalo si Jamby. Pero come to think of it...nakaalis na nga ba tayo sa feudal society?

Sir Arbet,

Sa hirap ng pinapagawa mo kay Jamby...aamin na lang yan na tibo siya :)

gari said...

Hmmm what's so wrong with Jamby for President in 2010 when, aside from her moolah and aristocratic origin, she's been doing a principled position than the other presidential aspirants.


The Purple Phoenix said...

Sir Gari,

Maybe other people have distinguished principles with superficial actions.

I wonder what his personal driver would say to 'principled positions.' :)

Anonymous said...

you will be kidnapped and rape, and oh yes killed for public display....

The Purple Phoenix said...

^ Si Jose Pidol ito.


ayrene's love said...

We will love our enemies, but not make alliances with them. They were placed in our path in order to test our sword, and we should, OUT OF RESPECT FOR THEM, struggle against them.

We will love our enemies (jose p.).

From the book of P. COELHO {GRAB A COPY NOW}

-->aYReNE Palacio

The Purple Phoenix said...

^ Nakabili na po!

ayrene's love said...

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enjoy the weekend and the week days..ayrene

ayrene's love said...

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ayrene's love said...

..and sorry for the wrong spelling!

Anonymous said...

The first time I had encounter Jajajamby was sometime in 1999 when she was handling the Youth development program of then President Erap, She ran for senator in 2001 under Erap's slate , she ranked 14th or 16th. Then in 2004 she hired Jujujuday as her spokeswoman for her kontra politika bandwagon ..look at her now...puro pamumulitika...