Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Explaining the Trillanes Vote

Yesterday, Jesus Sison of Malaya posed a question. 'It would be interesting not only to the AFP but to the people in general to find out why Antonio Trillanes IV got 11 million votes to make him win a senate seat.' Expressing surprised at the Triumph of Trillanes, he ended his curiosity with, 'the military and the public want to find out what makes Trillanes tick.'

In Philippine Daily Inquirer, Ramon Farolan enumerated several reasons for the thrilling victory of the Rebel with a Cause. He has four reasons. 'First, his victory represents the most serious indictment of the Arroyo administration...second, his victory represents his pointed criticism of our justice system...third, our people are clamoring for new faces, not the tired, old ones that we see almost every election period...fourth,there is some hope for the electoral process.'

The first reason refers to the so-called protest vote. The second pertains to the long and dragging resolution to the Oakwood mutiny case. The third one is a reference to young lawmakers who won convincingly in the midterm elections. The last reason is a reminder that the answer to dubious command vote and menacing political machinery is eternal vigilance.

I am one of the more than 11 million Filipinos who voted for the incarcerated rebel. I have three reasons for choosing him over other candidates. First, he is critical of the government. Second, he never changed his position. Unlike some Magdalo soldiers who would rather cooperate with the government in order to lessen their punishment - Trillanes sticked to his beliefs. My roommate would always say that a candidate who changes parties and beliefs is a notch lower than a traditional politician. That makes Tito Sotto a notch lower than Jose De Venecia. Lastly, I voted for him because I also want a new face in the senate. But he is more than a 'face,' Trillanes is a well-educated and articulate individual.

However, there are other reasons for his amazing accomplishment. You have to remember that Trillanes is a Bicolano. Bicolanos are known to vote for fellow Bicolanos. Our household is made up of around 70% Bicolanos and they sure gave him a solid vote.

The youth sector also gravitates toward Trillanes. Before the malicious voting in Votester occured, Trillanes was ranked third behind Francis Escudero and Alan Cayetano. His Friendster account is also quite popular. His website also receives regular visits and comments. The usually Chiz-centric Team Chiz volunteers bestowed the Magdalo leader their highest respect by cheering for him during the Miting de Avance of the Genuine Opposition.

Despite of his mutinous past, it is quite obvious that Trillanes has supporters from the left and the right of political spectrum. Senator Jamby Madrigal admitted that she funded his advertisements which is really helpful in upping his awareness level. Former UP President Nemenzo is one of his known backers. That could now fully-explained the huge streamer of Trillanes in our university's February fair.

His inclusion in the Genuine Opposition line-up is anything but a token. He always has representatives during motorcades, public forums, and meetings. I am pretty sure that if he was given a chance to bail and campaign personally, he would easily squeeze in the top five.

What makes Trillanes tick?

He is a phenomenon. You do not explain a phenomenon. You simply marvel while it unfolds.

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