Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Top Ten Crazy Things I did for Chiz Escudero

1. Wear yellow shirts. Yellow is my most hated color next to pink. Thank goodness I did not join Team Mike.

2. Wear my black Chiz shirt every Friday. Friday is Chiz shirt day as agreed by Team Chiz members. Since I hate yellow...I have to suffer the sweltering heat of the sun.

3. Buy Chiz shirts for rabid Escudero supporters.

4. Print around 500 solo pictures of Chiz Escudero as a replacement for flyers. Due to the great demand for Escudero campaign materials, there is usually shortage of paraphernalia. Thus, I decided to print 4R pictures as a substitute. It's quite a hit in our town. People literally mob me because of the precious photos.

5. Campaign in Iloilo (with fellow volunteer Liz) for 13 days. Read: I don't speak Ilonggo. But the food is great!

6. Campaign in Iloilo in front of the house of Raul Gonzales, Jr. Yes. He is the son of He who must be Shamed. After plastering a community in Mandurriao with striking Chiz stickers, a resident told us that the son of the DOJ secretary got angry. It is another demonstration of the old adage, 'the apple does not fall far from the tree.'

7. Create a series of Chiz Escudero scrapbooks. Team Chiz members have a habit of text brigading the latest magazine featuring Escudero. So if the June 11-18 issue of Biz News Asia sells more than the usual...Tony Lopez, you have to thank us.

8. Convince my non Chiz fan parents to vote for him. I am so good in persuading them that they even campaign for the senator-elect from Sorsogon. During the early part of the campaign season, my mother twisted her ankle, but that did not stop from trekking wet markets in order to campaign for the young lawmaker. My secret in persuasion? Good old voodoo. Kidding.

9. Write - as in manually write his name in sample ballots. Since I was not able to obtain stickers, I had to convince a few others to write his name in several hundreds of sample ballots. Our work paid off. Escudero obtain 78% of the votes in our town. Number one.

10. Engage taxi drivers in small talks (sometimes long discussions) about - who else - Chiz Escudero. I once rode a taxi manned by a Bicolano driver. When he learned that I was a volunteer and a half-Bicolana, I got a discount. Not bad.

Note: if Escudero decides to run for higher office (which he most certainly will), this list may include eating live chicken, swallowing swords, and convincing Raul Gonzales, Jr. to campaign and vote for the soon-to-be father of twins.

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