Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Generation X Senators

Generation X: a term used to describe generations in many countries around the world. The exact demographic boundaries of Generation X are not well defined, depending on who is using the term, where and when. According to generation researchers Neil Howe and William Strauss, Generation X includes anyone born from 1960 to 1985 in North America.

That is according to Wikipedia.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer has an interesting article today. Entitled as 'Generational Clash Looms in the Senate,' it featured an interview of Gen X senatorial poster boy Francis Escudero regarding their impending invasion of fellow Gen Xers Alan Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes.

'The senate should be ready for out-of-the-box thinking because if we continue to do the same thing we will have the same results,' the Sorsogoanon warned. He admitted that their group 'will go through a period of adjustment' although he said that their elders should also adjust.

During the proclamation, Escudero and company were criticized for their almost casual attire. The out-going Minority Leader countered that there was no dress code for the ceremonies. The rest of the Team Chiz volunteers could only swoon with satisfaction.

Escudero added that when they do not things traditionally, 'it's not necessarily rebellion, it's an admission that times have changed. That things cannot remain the same. We should learn from the past. If we keep doing the same things in the same manner, we will have the same results.'

Translating it to Gen X language, that would be, 'Don't say were rude, man.'

Since the three Generation X lawmakers are media-savvy with a very bright future ahead of them, they would be quite a force to reckon with in the Upper Chamber. I suggest that they make their own club like the Wednesday Group or the Cavalier's Club to consolidate and formalize their influence. I just hope that they do not call at as Gen X: Slackers of the Senate.

On the other hand, senior citizen re-electionist senator Edgardo Angara believes that it is actually the Gen X senators that will change as time passes. Maybe he is speaking from experience.

I am yearning for a new political rivalry of a different kind. Something like a Spice Boys versus Bright Boys competition. If a generational clash is the best that they could right now, then I am willing to take it. My Japanese classmate commented that Philippine politics may be crazy but it is definitely not boring as the Japanese Diet.

Finally. Senators who could discuss the nitty-gritty of our constitution and the importance of 'Reality Bites' and 'Dazed and Confused' to the history of world cinema in equal lengths.

Make us proud Gen X senators.
I want to say 'woah' every time you do something.

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