Sunday, April 01, 2007

Loving Pichay

Some things will remain a mystery. Some things will remain as a surprise. I just wonder what others would think of him.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a comment from a reader named Martin. I checked out his profile. All I learned from it is that he joined Blogger on March 2007. No blogs. I wished he had one so that I and the rest of the world would know more about his ideas.

In one of my entries, I mentioned several names of candidates that should not be voted - including Prospero Pichay. Martin wanted me to elaborate the reason for calling the representative of Surigao arrogant. I gave my reasons.

Here's a piece of our conversations:
The Purple Phoenix
Did you know that there is a bias regarding the punishment of ADULTERY (for women) and CONCUBINAGE (for men)?

If you're a woman who committed adultery you can be found guilty if your husband can show a video or picture of you going out in a motel with a man. The woman could be punished for 6 years. On the other hand, for a man who's charge with concubinage - his wife must present records that show that the man is FINANCIALLY supporting his mistress. If found guilty, he can be punished for 2-3 years.

A lawmaker from Batangas saw the discrepancy and wanted to change it. You know what's the reply of Pichay? Two words: NO WAY! Is that ARROGANCE OR NOT?

Regarding the belly? I'm also fat. I've nothing against fat people. But I have a lot of issues regarding people who got fat from money made from publishing smut tabloids like Remate. Yeah. You read it right. Pichay was a smut publisher before.

You want further reasons?

Hmmm, not convinced - you mentioned an issue regarding the disparity on how the law treats men and women for a similar offense and on that particular issue Pichay said "No Way" - making him forever arrogant. I don't know why he said what he said but that's just one incident and we do not know what was behind his saying "No Way". I still believe that most of the people running for Senate are arrogant.

There is a big difference between calling a person arrogant and calling him forever arrogant.

Here's more.
I've seen Pichay in a number of interviews, I like the way he speaks, straight to the point but with sense and his arguments are well thought out. I do not have to agree with everything he says, neither should anyone, but I would vote for someone who speaks with clarity and sense, even if I disagree with what he says than someone who merely speaks of what is popular at the time.

Arrogant? Hmmm, I never saw him in any of his interviews as being arrogant. But being frank may be viewed in this country as arrogant, especially if they disagree with what someone says. I would characterize the guy as being more gutsy than anything else. That is part of his role as a legislator, not to take NO for an answer. Imagine how effective a legislator will be if he just takes NO for an answer?

After reading this comment, I have concluded that he loves Pichay. It hit me - we are simply two sides of the same coin. Like Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty. Like Like Lupin III and Detective Koichi Zenigata.

Why? It's quite obvious that I am a big Chiz Escudero fan. Try replacing the name of Pichay with Escudero in Martin's comments.

The feeling is just the same.

We are both fans of different candidates.

So readers. Do not pity Martin for loving Pichay. If you truly believe that Chavit Singson is the future of this country - show your love! If you think that Tito Sotto is essential to the Senate - tattoo his name across your chest!

Give your candidates some major whoop-whoops!

Today is Palm Sunday. I just had an epiphany.


melai said...

hindi nga dapat iboto si pichay dahil ayaw ko ng malaki tyan lol!!

salamat pala sa link :)

crush ko si Chiz, magaling siyang magsalita parang may sinasabi pero hindi ibig sabihin nun may sinasabi talaga..... kung walang pulitika..ano kaya ang magiging bukambibig ni Chiz? honestly hindi pa ako sigurado kung para nga ba siya sa mamamayan..iilan lang ang kilala kong pwedeng maluklok sa pwesto pero hindi naman sila tumatakbo.

mschumey07 said...

Pichay is not arrogant, he is immoral and that's it. No if or buts, he is and forever will be immoral.

As for Bingot, so young and yet so corrupt. Its better for him to apply as a nightclub manager since he takes really good care of GROs.

mschumey07 said...

Happy Easter.

The Purple Phoenix said...

No prob with the link!

Sir Schumey,
Bouncer ba o manager ng club ang mas bagay si Pichay? :) Magagalit sa inyo si martin, ibang level na yan - immoral. :)

Thanks po...Happy Easter din.

mschumey07 said...

Manager, Papa San ang tawag dun 'di ba?
Btw, can you furnish me a list of all the congressional candidates in you are and their parties? Thanks in advance.

martin said...

Hmmm, actually I was looking at blogs about senatorial candidate's TV ads at the time. What I found was that there were a lot of comments about Pichay's ads, a lot were commenting about how corny it is, how unbelievable it is, how dumb it looks, how fat Pichay looks, the fact that he is a Congressman, . . . and that because of those he should not be voted into office. I just don't understand the fuss with his ad. It was far from being a great ad, admittedly, but that should not be a cause not to vote for him. I was arguing that at least he introduced himself to the people, his face, his name, which was better than a lot of other ads out there which seemed to be hiding the person behind the ad and was just using a well known name. Case in point was Pimentel's ad, the first ad he had only had his father talking, he did not introduce himself and a voter could definitely think that he/she would be voting for his dad, I thought that to be a worse offense as it was misleading and makes the electoral process a mockery (while on his second ad - only his celebrity endorser spoke). I also found that to be true about Magsaysay's Newspaper Ads.

I also found that a lot of negative comments were about generalities, whether about the ad or about the man in general, to me, generalities just is not valid enough. OK, he's from Congress, or that he supported GMA on a number of issues, that makes him unqualified for the Senate or to be voted for? I just think that voters should be more open and ask more constructive questions, that is all. I would even argue that at least he does not use celebrities to endorse him, does not lean on any more prominent relations either, just standing on his own - something quite commendable.

About his ad - who knows, maybe it being corny, or not too well made, that was part of it - to get people to talk about him? Maybe it worked after all.

And don't pity me - as I said, I like the guy, I find him quite articulate and there seems to be a lot of grey matter between his ears - I would vote for that. He is quite frank when he speaks, seems to have a stand on issues - I would vote for that too. From some posts about the elections, I find out he was a successful businessman prior to becoming a Congressman, I would again vote for that, because I believe that successful businessmen operate with a lot of logic which will be something good for the Senate.

So yes, I guess you can say that I am a Pichay FAN - only if I can get one of those cardboard fans that politicians give away these days with his face on it - hehe. Maybe you can post it on your site for me to download - hehe so I will be an official Pichay Fan!

As for blogging - I don't, maybe next time? Will you be my fan too?