Monday, April 09, 2007

Buts, Rebuts, and Scuttlebutts

The Buts
Slanted Surveys
The last line in the editorial of the Philippine Daily Inquirer yesterday summed up my feelings regarding the concerted effort of the administration to downplay the election surveys conducted by different firms. ‘Claudio is desperate.’

One of the courses that I took as a Sociology student in UPLB is Statistics 166 or Statistics for Social Sciences. In this course, students are taught different scientific methodologies in conducting research – one of which is surveys. There are a number of criticisms thrown against this method including its simplistic and mechanic approach to human behavior and opinion. Despite of the various academic vilifications, it remains one of the most popular traditional methodologies due to its numerical and scientific character. Personally, I prefer the alternative approaches to research such as narrative analysis but it is more convincing to explain a social phenomenon using statistics. I mean it is really hard to argue with numbers.

The desperation of Arroyo and her media hired guns to kill the credibility of the two leading survey firms borders Jun Ducat territory. It is too desperate and too stupid. The best counter-argument to Ben Evardone and Tonypet Albano is that this is the same administration that swore to the same survey firms in order to justify the election victory of the present Palace occupant. In the process, the administration itself is undermining the very same rationale that they rammed down to our doubtful throats during the wild days of the Garci controversy.

But I guess the administration is too desperate to think rationally.

The Impossible Dream
Clean sweep. 12-0. The more popular Genuine Opposition is not even considering an election sweep yet its survey bottom-dweller counterparts are quite confident of doing the improbable. Team Unity could only achieve this lofty goal through unprecedented electoral manipulation.

But it is a been-there-done-that situation for the administration. If this happens then the impossible could become possible – People Power.

In the Name of Her Father
The daughter of Mike Defensor campaigned yesterday for her father in a TU sortie in Bataan. The young Defensor noted that her father is working harder to finally barge in the winning circle. Despite getting stuck in 15th place in two previous surveys, she said that Tol could still win since surveys are usually unreliable. Using Mar Roxas as an example, she recalled that the election topnotch climbed from 33rd to first place.

But he is Mar Roxas and your father is a Mike Defensor. In all honesty, I am not a big fan of possible presidential candidate, but it is rather unfair to compare the campaign strategies of the two politicians. First Mr Palengke has a catchy and decent television advertisement. The same could not be said to Defensor. Second – the Korina Sanchez factor. I still believe that that she was the real factor.

The Tale of the Talent
Finally…television ads of Cesar Montano. The verdict? What the F! His campaign line is using your talent wisely for the benefit of our country. If there is one battle cry that could hurt the chances of candidate – then this must be it. Cesar…Cesar you are one of the most talented actors in the business today. But your talent is acting not legislating. If you really want to promote the wise use of talents, then stick to acting.

Hand in the Cookie Jar
Prospero Pichay broke the COMELEC directive of campaign ceasefire during the Lenten period. The Surigao representative argued that he was merely asking the people to plant Pichay in the senate.

But…oh goodness…is this the kind of lawmaker that our country deserves?

The Mike Defensor Defender
One regular Votester visitor (honeypie)has recently accused me of being Chiz Escudero's Demolition Woman. I do love the sound of it...Demolition Woman. It kind of makes me a female Terminator.

Here are some of her rants which was posted on May 19:
Yan si hello_garci at purple pheonix ay isang tao lang!! mga demolition job ni chiz!! paano ko nalaman?? aba e magaling yata ang TEAM MIKE!! we have the machinery and means, by may Mike will get the number one spot and chiz will drop to number 13! because he is nothing but foolishness. look at his photo and judge his looks!

First, I am the Purple Phoenix. I do not have a second Votester account under the name Hello_Garci nor do I have any other Votester account. I even requested other Team Chiz members to refrain from voting more than once (using different accounts) since it is akin to cheating. Real winners don't cheat they just win.

Second, Mike Defensor has been stuck in the 15th spot in the last two SWS surveys while Chiz Escudero continues to barge in the top five. If Mike gets first place...oooh...I have to tell you it will be an eyebrow-raising moment. Remember that Mike's boss (The Fake One) kept on swearing by the survey firms to justify her win in the last elections. Let me see her swear on it again.

Lastly, Team Mike? Never heard. Machinery and means to manipulate the elections - yes - I believe your team does have one.

The Scuttlebutt
In one Internet forum, a thread topic discussed the rumor that each Team Unity candidate will be assured of 9 million votes. Woah!

Senator Jamalul Kiram, anyone?


mschumey07 said...

One the money once again. I love the scuttlebutt. The machinery factor could easily bog down with the electorate's vigilance.

As for the Team Mike, hehehehe, I say scared of ghosts they created. That's the problem with paid hacks, they think everybody's like them. You and I know our conscience is clean.

mschumey07 said...

Thanks for the info on the local elections. Much appreciated.

The Purple Phoenix said...

Sir no problem!