Saturday, March 31, 2007


Sooner or later they will come up with an acronym. I have been thinking one for the Genuine Opposition because there is no way in hell will I think for the other coalition. I was able to produce quite a number of combination including...

PLANT A LOVER. Officially that is the preferred mnemonic device for the Genuine Opposition.

P Pimental
L Legarda
A Aquino
N Nikki
T Trillanes

A Allan

L Lacson
O Osmena
V Villar
E Escudero
R Roco

Adel Tamano warned of 'malicious minds' reversing letters so that it would read as PLAN A REVOLT.

If it is a revolt against the persisting evil perpetuated by this administration then I am all for a REVOLT.


mschumey07 said...

REVOLT, when? Count me in.

The Purple Phoenix said...

Sana malapit na nga po malapit na!

Anonymous said...

Hey my friend the camp of kumag mike defender ni gloria have accused you as Chiz demolition woman, posted two weeks ago on mike kumag aka puTOL ng punong kahoy yehey pinoy votester. check it out.

The Purple Phoenix said...

^ Ganun ba? Naks...Chiz demolition woman. Ibang level na yan. Ay ewan...

I just wish that the Team Chiz members will get to meet your friend :)