Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Pulse is Getting Loud

It would only be a matter of time before the tandem of Ben Evardone and Tonypet Albano calls Pulse Asia as False Asia.

The latest results will not sit well with the Team Unity campaign managers. Loren Legarda is pulling away. Much as I want my candidate to rank first, I must admit that it would be hard to dislodge Legarda from top spot. Unless she makes some major stupidity in the homestretech or the Man from Bukidnon weaves his magic again, Pashmina will once again flow in the Senate halls.

Manny Villar and Francis Escudero continue to fortify their positions in the Circle of Five. The good news is that a supposedly independent but highly-wife dependent candidate is slipping. Sometimes I can't help but believe the rumors that he commissioned another survey in which he ranked first.

Ping Lacson rounds up the top five. He is still true to his words that he will not use any celebrity in his campaign.

The next two spots are cornered by Team Unity candidates Ralph Recto and Edgardo Angara. These two candidates know how to harness the power of media and I am not talking of the Star for all Seasons kind. Angara and Recto have the most choiciest ad spots in television as well as radio.

They are followed by Benigno Aquino III and Alan Peter Cayetano. Kris Aquino can do wonders for his big brother despite her on-going real life melodrama. On the other hand, Pia's younger brother is being affected by so-called spoiled ballots due to the other Cayetano. Somebody really hates this guy.

The last three contenders in the Magic 12 are Joker Arroyo, Tito Sotto, and Gringo Honasan. Remember Harvey Keh? Well...if he really loves the Philippines, he should start praying that the last two in the list drops further down the loser's drain.'s amazing. He's behind bars but he still ranks way above Prospero Pichay. Despite a barage of People's Dragon ads, Arroyo can only manage a tenth spot. In the case of Tito Sotto, it will be just a matter of time...before we say goodbye.

Here's something interesting. The survey was conducted during the height of the Ducat hostage drama. So where is Chavit Singson? Down there with Mel Chaves and Joselito Pepito Cayetano.

The pulse is getting loud...majority of the Filipinos hate the current administration.


mschumey07 said...

What the survey shows the maturing electorate. The administration's machinery has bogged down. Even the local election survey show the opposition getting the upperhand.

The next few weeks will be crucial as the cheating machinery will be employed. Only our vigilance can save the elections.

Jowana, please give me your email addy. There are some "items" I wish to share with you. My email addy is in my blog.

The Purple Phoenix said...

Right. Vigilance is the word.

Anonymous said...

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