Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Survey Says

The survey was conducted from February 24 to February 27 comparing it to the November 2006 results, here's how the candidates gained or lost ground.

1st Francis Pangilinan (GAIN: from 3rd to 1st)
2nd Loren Legarda (LOST: from 1st to 2nd)
3rd Manny Villar (GAIN: from 7th to 3rd)
4th Allan Peter Cayetano (GAIN: from tied for 5th to tied for 4th)
5th Panfilo Lacson (LOST: from 2nd to tied for 4th)
6th Francis Escudero (GAIN: from 10th to tied for 6th)
7th Ralph Recto (LOST: from tied for 5th to tied for 6th)
8th Vicente Sotto III (LOST: from 4th to 8th)
9th John Osmena (GAIN: from tied for 12th to tied for 9th)
10th Benigno Aquino III (GAIN: from tied for 12th to tied for 9th)
11th Gregorio Honasan (LOST: from tied for 8th to 11th)
12th Joker Arroyo (GAIN: from tied for 12th to solo 12th)

The following candidates also lost ground:
Aquilino Pimentel III (LOST: from tied for 8th to 11th)
Edgardo Angara (LOST: from 11th to 13th)
Prospero Pichat (LOST: from 18th to 22nd)

Mike Defensor is still stuck in the 15th place.

According to Dr Mahar Mahangas:
There is a possibility for a 10-2 outcome due to a slight gain by the opposition or an 8-4 outcome if the administration catches up.

According to The Purple Phoenix:
Despite the unraveling of the Genuine Opposition, most of their candidates figured in the top 12 of the latest SWS survey. If this does not show how most Filipinos hate the current administration then I don't know what.

Despite being dropped by the Genuine Opposition, Sharon Cuneta is still a popular figure.

Despite of his movie star statuses, Richard Gomez and Cesar Montano's ranking is still in the twilight zone.

Despite of the numerous Walking 'Tol and Itanim sa Senado posters around the metro, Defensor and Pichay still ranks below the winner circle.

Despite the sacrifices of Boy Abunda, Mike Defensor is still out of the top 12.

Despite being an independent, Gringo is still part of the Magic 12.

Despite of the money spent on his ads, Boom Tarat Tarat is not helping Juan Miguel Zubiri.

By the way, if you are looking for Chavit Singson...he's ranked above Cayetano...Jose Pepito Cayetano. This is not a joke. It's true.


mschumey07 said...

This is the reason why the surot in the palace is now wasting our hard-earned taxes dining the local execs. Her TU is slowly losing ground. The SSS is almost through with their mock elections, The Joker is the only candidate of TU left in the list and he is in 12th. Its only 90% complete and he could still lose that position from Coseteng or OsmeƱa. Pangilinan topped the list and Honasan suprisingly is in the top 8.

If they cannot convince those in government to vote for TU, what more the people? Now its time to up the ante and make another phonecall, "Hello, hello, Evardone?"

The Purple Phoenix said...

Si Sharon po ang number 1 sa SSS? Akala ko si Papa Chiz :)

minikawa said...

haha. sana totoo nga yung mga surveys. kaso, Sharon Cuneta as no.1? kaasar naman. di bale, sabi nga ni chiz, di bale na po hindi number 1, basta top 12. :)

The Purple Phoenix said...

^korek ka diyan!

Julian said...

I was amused to find we noticed the same things, so I linked to this entry.

The Purple Phoenix said...

^same observations. same conclusions. thanks.