Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Chiz Escudero Gains Momentum

Moving Up
In the last SWS survey, Escudero hovered around the dangerous 10th to 11th spot. The latest survey however shows that he has advanced to the sixth to seventh spot.

Two out of Two
Last month, Francis Escudero topped the mock elections of senate employees garnering 535 out of the possible 738 votes. Today, he again ranked first in a mock polls among SSS employees. That's two out of two. I'd like to tell all the members of Team Chiz that this is a cause for celebration but our real celebration should be held after the last vote is counted.

Fiery Friendster
Some candidates are taking the battle over the popular site Friendster. I read in one of the papers that Miguel Zubiri was surprised that he already had 175 (as of the last counting 177) friends. Chiz has more than 300 friends in his SECOND ACCOUNT. His first account reached the quota of 1000 friends so he has to create another one. By the way, Vic Magsaysay has a Friendster account.

Second Wave
Maintaining aesthetic taste, Escudero will be seen in his second television ad. You could view it here


mschumey07 said...

I'm glad the sun is shining on the opposition's side, while TU, is still where it was, on the "dark side".

The Purple Phoenix said...


It's because they it is the DARK SIDE!