Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More Political Twaddle

Gone Too Soon
Finally. The Commissioned Elections er Commission on Elections has decided to disqualify Jose Pepito Cayetano infamously known as the 'other Peter.' But Oliver Lozano's favorite candidate can still appeal his case. The highly-independent Abalos-led COMELEC found out that Pepito cannot run a national campaign. Wow. It took them this long.

Providential Annoyance
The progeny of Lito Atienza has filed his certificate of candidacy yesterday. For some reason the father-son tandem that vowed to bring Manila back to its former glory wore matching Hawaiian polo shirts. The incumbent mayor expressed surprise over the incident since it was just a pure coincidence. Or as he exactly put it 'providential coincidence.' Keeping a serious mien while mouthing off incredibly stupid statements to explain political gimmickry is a skill every politicians must have.

China Crisis
Look out Tarlac. As if the fraternal battle of Lakas and Kampi is not enough, the kid bully (Kampi) will field Patricia Jose Cojuangco more popularly known as China against the wife of Representative Gilbert Teodoro. She's the sister of sports heroine Mikee Cojuangco. If you were able to follow China's career then you know that this latest development is an epic disaster in the making. She infamously co-hosted the Binibining Pilipinas pageant several years ago. It was such a terrible stint that prompted a critic to make stinging comments. He said that if he was only young, beautiful and rich he would have done a better job than China because he has more personality. Unfortunately, I was able to watch her works as an actress...let's just say that it was bad. Now she wants to be a lawmaker? In the article of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, it was quoted that China will 'continue the selfless service of the Cojuangcos to their home province.' Marvelous. Except that she has to reactivate her voter's registration because she did not vote twice in the last elections. Can you honestly talk about service when you do not even vote?


mschumey07 said...

Peping is the reason why Hacienda Luisita is in trouble. China is nothing but her father's pawn. But she can if she wishes to reject the idea. Maybe she wants in also.

As for the former Bayanihan dancer Lito Atienza, he is the epitome of what a trapo is.

The Purple Phoenix said...

Ano kaya ang gagawin ni China sa kongreso?