Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Behind the Blinding Orthodontics

The latest Social Weather Stations survey (which puts Loren Legarda back on top)had Mike Defensor in the possible last slot due to the margin of error despite being outside the winning column.

I was wondering (not really)there must be something wrong with him or his campaign (there really is).

I was surfing blogs and forums...what I saw was a barrage of anti-Mike Defensor articles and comments. He is not connecting with the people. He is antagonizing the people.

Maybe most Netizens are anti-administration but let me tell you this story. Several weeks ago, he went to our town. The people were excited because they finally saw Tol in person. Our laundry woman even hugged him for some major photo opportunities but after a few days...the connection was gone. Adding insult to injury, she begged me to give her Chiz Escudero campaign materials. Ouch.

A certain local magazine listed the 100 most influential Filipinos. It ranked Defensor way above his anti-thesis Escudero as well as Panfilo Lacson and Corazon Aquino. The magazine described him as a charismatic person. Oooh. He is not.

The Professional Heckler provided another serving of his delicious lists. This is his top five reasons why the Tol ads sucks.

5: Boy’s Voice Over. No matter how serious the ‘Tol spiel is, Boy’s voice still reminds us of The Buzz. Su-su-nod!

4: Pooh, the Pacquiao impersonator. He talks like Pacquiao, acts like Pacquiao, looks like Pacquiao, and more importantly, cheaper than Pacquiao. But this comedy bar performer is no Pacquiao and the public knows how to spot impostors.

3: Keanna Reeves. Except perhaps for her brains, everything in her is fake (too). And she wants us to believe her words? Come on.

2: The use of 'Tol. Pleeeeease! You’ve been known as "Mike Defensor" for almost 38 years now, and all of a sudden, you’re telling us to simply call you ‘Tol? Bakit? Kelan pa tayo naging close?!?

And the top reason why Mike Defensor’s political advertisement sucks:

1: Mike Defensor. The smile and the braces are disturbing.

Seriously, the second item sums up Defensor's problem. He is still in the process of creating his own image. Why the hell should we call him Tol when we knew him as Mike for most our lives?

I knew him as an administration stalwart and a fierce defender of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. I recall that he is the same guy who said that it was the president's voice but she is not the one talking. I remember him as the secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources who churned out permits like a Pez dispenser.

Speaking of his DENR stint, I wonder why my godmother who worked in this department for most of her life will NOT vote for him? The Putol Oppressor poster was created by Alyansa Tigil Mina a coalition of NGOs against mining.

It takes more than Boy Abunda and his stable of talents to prop a candidate in the winning column. It takes more than cheesy poster to give you an election victory.

For some reason, the usually forgetful Filipinos remember the past actions of Mike Defensor. Behind the blinding orthodontics and practiced smile is a questionable character.


mschumey07 said...

Just looking at him exposes his insincerity. The fake smile and steel teeth betrays his personality. Integrity and credibility are virtues he will never have.

The Purple Phoenix said...

Steel teeth. Hehehe! May braces din naman ako pero hindi ako peke kung ngumiti.

Anonymous said...

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