Monday, March 05, 2007

The Last Thing You Could Do

The last thing that readers could do is scare me. I welcome comments. I welcome criticisms. But if some of them thinks that I would stop writing opinions then you're headed for some major disappointment.

I have a father who taught me how to think critically. He encouraged me to read newspapers and watch news programs. We consider the last US midterm elections as our own personal Superbowl. But most importantly, he encourages me to have my own opinions. He does not mind if it clashes with his as long as I could defend my ideas. He is currently aligned with the administration but he does not resent the fact that I would vote for candidates in the Genuine Opposition. He would even vote for a couple of them. For some reason, democracy works for us.

I am currently enrolled in the Social Work graduate school program in UP Diliman. I have two subjects and one field work. It practically eats up all of my time for five days. Yet I still have time to blog. I still have time to volunteer for a certain senatorial candidate.

And yes, I still have time to read all the comments and criticisms.

And reply to them.

Trying to scare me? Trying to discourage me?

Save your energy.


mschumey07 said...

Now that's the true Filipino youth, these are trying times, we old folks must now look up to you, our children. We must let you shape your destiny. We have time and again taken the lead, its time you lead us to the promise land. You are our future, 'di ba?

The Purple Phoenix said...


Fleurdelis said...

Social work kalang pala? baka naman social climber! PWE!, akala ko matalino ka, yun pala bobo ka! pati yung father mo, superbowl daw ang american elections, sabihin ninyo, you and your japayuki father are stuck in colonial mentality's my two centavos...adios muchachos!