Friday, March 09, 2007


I was about to log out when this little item caught my attention. Angelica Jones is running for board member in Laguna.

This is a cause of concern for me because:
1. I am from Laguna.

2. It was Luis Villafuerte who coaxed the self-proclaimed Flawless to run in the coming elections.

3. She is Angelica Jones. For crying out loud.

4. I know her. She was a school mate and a batch mate.

The former Jojo Veloso beauty revealed that it was the party of Kampi that asked her to run for provincial board member. That's it. I've been checking my patience with Ronaldo Puno's cult but this is too much.

Athough I am not a big fan of our current provincial officials...but is Angelica Jones the best alternative the good people of our province can have? What did we do to deserve her?

This is the high level politics that the Fake One promised the citizenry of the Philippines.

Jones was quoted, 'With the trust given to me by Kampi, perhaps the Lord has a way, that He will use me as His instrument to help other residents in Laguna.'

Oh Lord.


mschumey07 said...

Ay, yay yay! Baka low IQ elections ang ibig niyang sabihin. Por dios porsyento naman. I wonder what instrument she was speaking of? Kinilibutan ako ng mapanood ko yung interview niya. Para bang gusto kong malaglag sa inuupuan ko.

The Purple Phoenix said...

If I saw the interview. Baka binato ko ng upuan ang TV sa dorm.