Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Cheating Checklist

Things to Do to Ensure a Midterm Elections Victory
Appoint Ronaldo Puno as secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government.

Appoint Hermogenes Ebdane as secretary of the Department of National Defense.

Place military elements in the urban areas.

Publish photos of Joma Sison dancing with Ara Mina in the papers.

Raid houses of nominees of left-leaning party lists.

Burn the COMELEC?

Appoint Virgilio Garciliano...anywhere...anytime.

Philhealth cards. School feeding program...etcetera.

Tweak survey results as election nears.

In the shall be noted.

Things to Do to Ensure Charter Change
Ensure the victory of Dato Arroyo.

Ensure the victory of Manny Pacquiao.

Ensure the victory of Ronaldo Puno! Mr Speaker...

Ensure the victory of Jose De Venecia? Hmmm...


Village Tickler said...

Hi Jowanna,

Lest you forget: ensure the winnability not only of Dato in Camarines but also of Mikey in Pampanga and Iggy in Negros!

Not to mention: keep the First Gentleman tucked in the secret and special operations.

Village Tickler

The Purple Phoenix said...

Oo nga pala po. Dynasty sila :)

the jester-in-exile said...

also to ensure charter change:

disqualify opposition party-list organizations.

set up party-list organizations (read: fronts) and fund them from the throneroom of her majesty the queen of the enchanted kingdom.

The Purple Phoenix said...

^ they failed with bayan muna and its affiliated party-list groups but they have succeeded with Ladlad and FPJPM.