Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My Problem with the Wednesday Group Is...

Don't you just hate that some politicians have to over-emphasize the celebrity status of their family? Oo na. Alam na alam na namin na si Sharon Cuneta ang asawa mo. Kaya nga HINDI NA AKO BUMIBILI ng Lucky Me! (The picture was taken from the official website of Mr Noted.)

...that their loyalty is ambiguous.

Edgardo Angara who (finally) formalized - which the whole country knew from the start - his affiliation with the administration IS probably the most talented party gymnast (ang galing sa pag-tumbling)in the senate today. Ang gara ng buhay!

Ralph Recto. Who wants to deal with this guy? People vote for him because of his wife. As one activist said, I'd rather vote for Ate Vi than Ralph. Batangas is one of town's neighbors, kaya alam namin ang tunay na natura ni Ralph Recto. Family man ba siya o Families man?

Kiko Pangilinan. Mabuti na lang at hindi Chiz ang nickname niya :) He is the political twin of Recto. After solidifying his reputation as Mr Noted...bigla siyang bumaliktad ng posisyon? My goodness. Nakakahiya naman, taga-UP pa man din.

I'm still thinking whether I would vote for Joker Arroyo. As my driver said before, it's fun to vote for Joker because...well...his name is Joker and you can't find any other lawmaker in the world whose name is Joker. By the way, my driver has this commitment of voting candidates who has no chance of winning. In his own philosophical words, 'para naman magkaroon sila na kahit isang boto.' Which practically explains why Farouk Hussin got a vote in our town. Remember him? Very patriotic.

Should I even elaborate on the political loyalty of Manny Villar. Baka mas loyal pa sa kanya si Manny Pacquiao.

Although, they always contend that their 'loyalty to their parties end where their loyalty to the country begins...' KAILAN BA SILA NAGING LOYAL SA PILIPINAS?

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