Saturday, February 10, 2007

Laugh Potion Number 9

Since elections is fast approaching, I will be posting nine funny election-related news. Don't worry. Our politics is one big circus and there will be no dearth in funny materials.

1. Prospero Pichay threatens to abandon senate ambitions if opposition turncoats, Sotto, Oreta, and Gomez join the so-called unity ticket. As if he's THAT winnable. Isn't he one of those who called for the abolition of the senate? Yes. And now he is running for senator to ABOLISH the senate. a-BOLISH** talaga!

2. Rumor has it that Zubiri was wearing an expensive and imported polo shirt in his bio-fuel ad. This is funny since he was supposed to be a farmer. Somebody should tell him that there is a difference between a FARMER and a HACIENDERO...a farmer toils while a haciendero is an incumbent congressman who embarassingly uses his energy pet bill to court voters.

3. Still on Zubiri, what's with the 'amigo' tag? Who freakin' uses the word? I know...Looney Toon resident Speedy Gonzales!

4. Still on a few days he will be singing Boom Tarat. Sometimes I wish I am a deadly assassin out to kill Lito Camo. Zubiri Zubiri sa Senado? Boom WARAT WARAT tayo!

5. This one's funny. A radio texter said that Mike Defensor should stop calling himself TOL...and start using SHORT.

6. Question: What's the bailiwick of Mike Defensor?
Answer: QC nightspots

7. Is John O Tatak Osmena or Latak ng Osmena? UP peeps will have to text brigade again. Ubos na naman ang load nina Isko at Iska. Kasama pala ako doon.

8. COMELEC has released a memo to all its employees NOT to show extreme affection for popular candidates. Candidate mobbing and kissing is now being reprimanded. Let's see: Chiz Escudero was the first 'victim' of COMELEC mob, then Antonio Trillianes, then Loren Legarda, and last was Noynoy Aquino (with Kris and James). This is another administration tactic to oppress the ranks of the opposition! Sabagay...sino ba naman ang gustong humalik kay Pichay.

9. Do you think Noynoy would also be mobbed if he filed his candidacy ALONE?

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mschumey07 said...

We need to give Glueria a good whacking. I will be bending my principles a bit and vote straight for the opposition. I don't want even one of Glueria's minions a seat in the senate. Just this once, I will be turning a blind eye.