Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lazy Election Thoughts of a Numb Filipina

Living in a dormitory means you have less TV access. I don't know about other universities but this is the case here in UP Diliman. Not that there is no television in Ipil Dormitory, we still have a budget for such welcome distractions unless you want to soak your brains on free TV. Not that free TV is bad, it's just tacky. I do watch the evening news...if I want to loose my appetite. Seriously, the evening news is the only thing that I watch whenever I'm in the dorm.

However, this past weekend (while waiting for Kris Aquino's statement on her marriage)I notice that for every commercial break, there is one campaign ad. It was horrible. Imagine seeing Manny Villar and Ralph Recto continuously for a full day. It was horrible. It's a numbing experience. Thus I vowed only to watch the three CSI shows this weekend.

But this did not stop me from analyzing and of course criticizing the ads of the sentorial candidates.

Ping Lacson
His ad is the anti-gloss. No dancing vendors or 'talents' of Boy Abunda. But it was the background jingle that caught my attention. 'Si Ping ang kinabukasan.' Where have I heard that melody? As I was taking a bath, it hit me - Bill Clinton's campaign jingle. 'Don't stop thinking about tomorrow.'

Prospero Pichay
Earlier, I heard his radio ad. The gist is that he claims that he will grant the wishes and desires of Filipinos. Wow. If he wants to do it, I suggest he apply as the co-host of Vicky Morales in 'Wish Ko Lang.'

Ralph Recto
My mother's secretary finds it funny that Mr Vilma Santos presented his 'platform' via an interpretative dance. It would have been memorable if his wife is part of the dance routine complete with her famous dance 'lifts.' Of course, choreographed by Maribeth Bichara.

Joker Arroyo
His Pipol's Dragon ad reminds me Dragon Katol. 'Sa usok, lamok ay tepok.'

Allan Peter Cayetano
Cayetano. 'Ito ang gusto ko.'For the information of the younger people out there (I'm still young.), this tag was sang by Francis Magalona (when he was still very popular) and was used by Royal Tru Orange. It's not really a catchy ad but at least he did not chose the 'Cumbachero' song. If you still remember it, sing with me: 'Pia Pia Pia Cayetano.'

Mike Defensor
Ugly. His ads are plain ugly. I'm not saying this because I hate the guy but because it is really ugly.

Miguel Zubiri
Joel Lamangan directed his 'Boom Tarat' ad. This is an added proof that Lamangan is an overrated film director. Plus, we all have every reason to demand a recount of the results of the past Metro Manila Film Festivals.

Jose Pepito Cayetano
Did you see his newsprint ad? Damn. He has a picture in the main page of Inquirer while Richard Gomez doesn't have one.

You might ask, what can I say about Chiz Escudero's ad. Here's my answers:
1. I have downloaded it in his site.
2. It is in saved in my laptop.
3. It is an welcome distraction.

Quite bias?

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