Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Iconic Ness on the Icon in the Making

Alma Moreno is pop culture icon. Seriously. The dance numbers that defined the decade that was the '80s. The camp movies that made Philippine Cinema more...uhmmm...interesting. Plus the memorable mangled English that gave Melanie Marquez stiff competition. Loveliness...

Who would have thought that the former sex symbol knows how to choose a senatorial candidate? In an interview she praised opposition candidate Francis Escudero of his intellect and cool manner. But of course, she still let out a classic Alma Moreno moment. She said that 'gusto kong magpakuha ng picture sa kanya.' So...the next time the two crosses path, do not be surprised if Escudero is taking a picture of Moreno. Gusto niyang magpakuha ng picture sa kanya HINDI niya gustong magpakuha KASAMA siya.

Last question: Ate Ness, ang picture ba na yan ay for here or for Vandolph?

If you understand the question above, it could only mean two things:
1. You're old enough to have seen Alma Moreno in her heydays.
2. You're quite adept with Filipino showbiz trivia. In short, chismosa ka.

Here's the URL address of the video.
You Tube Video of Alma Moreno Praising Chiz Escudero


Anonymous said...

cheap escudero bungangero!!! tae dito yan sa Sorsogon!! mapang api sa mga magsasaka sa hacienda nila!!!

The Purple Phoenix said...

Again, please identify yourself. Are you afraid of what you're saying.