Friday, February 23, 2007

Finally. The decision that I have been waiting for these past few days has come. The Grand Opposition has decided to replace Mr Sharon Cuneta either with Zosimo Paredes (Pick him.)or Gringo Honasan (Let me think about it.) or Richard Gomez (No way.). After given an ultimatum, the loyalty-challenged Mr Noted decided not to join the opposition's proclamation rally this coming Saturday.

He added that he was never part of the Grand Opposition since he is running as an independent candidate. Mr Sharon Cuneta declared that it is not dignified that he be forced to join (the proclamation rally) or be punished for not attending it. What the... Can you actually believe that he has the guts to talk about 'dignity.'

Mr Sharon Cuneta is afraid that the FPJ supporters would not acknowledge his candidacy in the upcoming proclamation rally. I'm not a fan of Rez Cortez but I loved his 'No to Mr Noted' battlecry.

There are a lot of reasons why we should not vote for Mr Sharon Cuneta. Here are some of the most obvious:
1. His loyalty is ambiguous.
2. He has no principles. You do not call for the resignation of a person after you partook in her Grand Deception - knowingly or unknowingly.
3. Do I have to say it again? Mr Sharon Cuneta. It's quite obvious that he won because of the Megastar. If not, why does he have to be part of her concerts as well as her instant noodle endorsements?

I'm not the only person who can see how Mr Sharon Cuneta is maximizing the star power of his wife. Thus it is our duty to enlighten those who are still blinded by the mega light.

Open up your eyes. It is blinding enough to make you forget that his name is Ki... Mr Sharon Cuneta.


Anonymous said...

i never voted for mr noted when he ran for senator precisely because i do not think it was legitimate for him to run under the sharon cuneta fans club.

Anonymous said...

ditto for ralph star for all seasons.

mschumey07 said...


The Purple Phoenix said...

kiko and ralph are twins.

as i said before, there can only be one FRANCIS in the opposition.

guess who.

lateralus said...

Kiko never asked to be in the opposition. He was adopted and he learned about it in the news. Jeez.

The Purple Phoenix said...

Like he's actually saying the truth.