Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Be Kind to Animals

By now, you have probably heard the campaign jingle against the Three Progenies of Mephistopheles: Edgardo Angara, Tito Sotto, and Tessie Oreta. Entitled ASO (based on their surname initials)and inspired by the old pop song 'How Much is that Dog in the Window, the pro-Erap and pro-FPJ has officially launched their war against modern-day traitors.

I am all for any campaign that would derail the chances of these turncoats...but why give dogs a bad name. I suggest that they put periods after each letter: A.S.O.

Dogs are the latest animals who have been victimized by politics.

These reptiles are the classic metaphors for congressmen. Our prehistoric friend does not have a voracious appetite. They spend more time sleeping than eating. On the other hand, lazy congressmen spend their time sleeping AND eating. There's a huge difference.

I'll give you a thunderous right hook if you dare call Mike Arroyo a pig. Pigs are cute and useful. Mike...I'm not prepared for a libel case.

Snakes are smart animals. More importantly, they need to be smart. If you don't have legs, what else could you do but be smart? The thing is snakes need to outsmart larger predators since it's the rule of the survival of the fittest. Politicians try to outsmart others because they're power hungry. Snakes do not bite all the time; bad politicians do.

Tokay Gecko
If you regularly watch Kim Atienza's TV Patrol segment, then you know that this is the English name of 'tuko.' How many position-hungry politicians have been described as a 'tuko.' This gecko specie was made that way - having suction in its feet so that it could climb. Corrupt politicians were not; they just love to suck.

Did you know that insects are the most populous in the animal kingdom? If you keep on slandering the legacy of their thoraxes, I would not be surprised if they one take over the world. I just hope they start eating the bad eggs in politics.

I just saw a grasshopper. It's quite big. I'm teaching it how to go to Malacanang... just in case it gigantically mutates one day.


Anonymous said...

hey, if you're interested, you can listen to/download the ASO jingle at


The Purple Phoenix said...

Sure! Thanks for the information!