Thursday, February 22, 2007

Laugh Potion Number 9

Recto versus Recto. Who will win? Armand Sanchez.I'm not a fan of the current governor of Batangas but...if you are really from Batangas and you know its would not vote for a Recto. Vilma is different. She is Vilma - first and foremost - not a Recto. Now, why did I say Sanchez? Because the two Rectos would stupidly divide the vote between them. Is there any chance of unity? None. The public should know that there had been frictions between the Recto brothers even before Vilma decided to run for governor. So...what is so funny about this issue? Imagine the good people of Batangas can only choose between a Sanchez and a Recto. THAT is funny...and tragic.

I'm sure Eduardo Ermita is snickering with the on-going fracas among the Rectos.

Cesar Montano will take a crash course on politics. Ha! Ha! Ha! As if that will help you. As if that will help us.

Manny Pacquiao passed an examination that allows him to enter college. He said that he might enroll in Ateneo De Manila or De La Salle. This means two things: 1) he's worried that UP is too difficult for him and 2) or he cannot afford the tuition fee of the State University. Take that Erlinda Roman!

Pacman is contemplating whether he would take administration or political science. Ha! Ha! Ha! Is he now realizing that it is not easy dislodging Darlene?

Prospero Pichay wants to debate the candidates of the Genuine Opposition. Of all the people in Team Unity...

Name calling seems to be the favorite game of Reli German. Due to the changes in the official name of the opposition, he said that from Grand Alliance or G.A. it reverted to Grand Opposition or G.O. Combining the two, you come up with G.A.G.O. JV Ejercito reacted that Team Unity or T.U. should also add Team Arroyo or T.A. You have T.U.T.A. It's only been a week before they promised us high-level politics.

Prospero Pichay looks and sounds creepy in his campaign ads. He reminds me a lot of Romeo Jalosjos. What's funny about this? Pichay is a clown.

Bayan Muna topped a party-list survey. It's funny because it like a big slap to Esperon and his gang of extra-judicial killers.


Village Tickler said...

Quite funny how political party shows their true colors amidst million of pesos for public imaging.

Village Tickler

The Purple Phoenix said...

That's true. No matter how much gloss they add to their selves, truth will always find away of seeping into the voters' consciousness.

vic said...

Since the birth of our country 140 years ago we have the same two political parties that alternately govern through her existence as compares the Philippines that party or parties just pop up like weeds in an abandoned lawns. We have at present four different parties representing all the Members of the House, and they are clearly identified as to their ideologies, programs and principles that no matter the personalities among them, are never above the Party...