Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Top Ten Reasons for the Debate Dare of Joey Salceda

Hurt by the full page newspaper advertisements of the Genuine Opposition that questioned the healthiness of the Philippine, newly-appointed Presidential Chief-of-Staff Joey Salceda dared the GO to an opposition. Manay...ang taray!

1. He's trying to make a good first impression. The favorite student should rise and shine.

2. He's creating his own identity. The former chief of staff Mike Defensor is a chismoso. Joey Salceda is talakera.

3. What were you expecting? Do you think he'll dare the opposition into a bare-knuckled fistfight? Sabunutan na lang.

4. Naimbyerna ang lola mo.

5. Nachukchak ang economic beauty ng lola mo.

6. Royal rumble itech. Debate with Joey Salceda versus John Osmena.

7. He wants to see Antonio Trillanes IV.

8. He wants to see Francis Escudero.

9. He wants to see Adel Tamano.

10. 'Kasi naman sina Pichay at Kiram lang ang nakikita ko palagi.'

Seriously. You know that life is not fair when Ladlad does not get party-list accreditation and Joey Salceda is appointed presidential chief-of-staff.


Village Tickler said...

Purple Phoenix,

Agree with you that life is not fair when Ladlad who is out and proud was not accredited while the closet talakero is rewarded with PMS PMS means Pre-Marital Sex or Post-MENStrual Sex?

Village Tickler

mschumey07 said...

Sayang talaga ang Ladlad. I cannot see the wisdom in the COMELEC's decision. There are gays and lesbians in every corner of the Phils. Either I'm wrong about it or Abalos is a closet queen.

The Purple Phoenix said...

He! He! PMS.

Sayang talaga yung Ladlad. I've already campaigned my gay friends to vote and help Ladlad in the campaign.

That's why Danton Remoto will get my vote. The Genuine Oppiosition should take him as Mr Sharon Cuneta's replacement. Mas lalaki kasing kausap si Remoto kaysa kay Mr Lucky Me.

Village Tickler said...

Hi Tina,

Hmmmm Danton should replace John Osmena. Then, let Salceda debate with Danton on economics. It will be an interesting fight.

Village Tickler

The Purple Phoenix said...

Aaay! Kikinis ang balat ni Salceda ng wala sa oras kapag naka-debate si Danton Remoto.