Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Scene Stealers of 2006

Scene stealing is an art form. This year, super typhoons, power-hungry politicians, and an expensive building stole the limelight from the usual media darlings and media whores.

Scene stealing is not a crime. It is an art form.

Super Typhooons. Mother Nature literally whipped up a storm this year - one super typhoon after another. Everyone gazed in awe and teror. Everyone except Luis Villafuerte and Edcel Lagman.

Sam Macariola. The bomb expert bombed out.

Isagani Cruz. Can you actually believe that there are still people like him in a time where political correctness and gender sensitivity is in vogue?

Atong Ang. He's back. He's in jail. He's talkig? Not yet.

Cebu International Convention Center. This year's grandest failure.

The Comic Duo: Mike Defensor and Eduardo Ermita. They made us laugh without intending to. That my friend is talent. Real talent.

Douglas Cagas. He single-handedly demonstrated why we shouldn't leave charter change to the Lower House. We're not guests, Mr Neanderthal. We are citizens of this country.

Jojo Binay. I taught the administration has found a solution to the fiesty Makati Mayor (Read: Lito Lapid) but they stupidly ordered a suspenision. They made him an underdog and a hero. Plus free publicity.

Allan Peter Cayetano. Lesson learned: if you want to surge ahead of the senatorial surveys, accuse Big Mike. Unless you're a journalist who wants to be part of the Exclusive Libel Group.

Bicolano Bad Boys: Luis Villafuerte and Edcel Lagman. You really have to think outside a big box to understand these two. Man.

Miriam Defensor Santiago. She's the only one who can say that she's foaming in the mouth and hitting the roof with a straight face.

Gringo Honasan. Finally. Captured. But he's still in the top ten in the senatorial surveys.

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