Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Filipino of the Year

Supreme Court Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban
Raise your hands if you doubted the independence of this man? Now...raise your hands if you have a new-found admiration for the for the former Chief Justice?

The Magnificent Seven Justices
You can't make history alone. Meet the complete cast. By the way, these are the justices who voted to junk the PeoFALSE initiative. Not the other seven.

Billiards Players: Efren Reyes, Francisco Bustamante, and Ronato Alcano
Thank goodness our athletes were amazing this year. They had the thankless job of diverting our attention from the horrid state of our politics. Billiards is not a tambay game anymore. It's a road to glory.

The Philippine Senate
Ignored by the executive branch. Favored by the judiciary.

Manny Pacquiao
I hope his extravagant ways would stop. I hope he doesn't enter politics. I hope we don't see Chavit Singson and Mike Arroyo in his future fights. But I still hope he remains the proud and fiery fighter that he is.

Survey Firms
Economy is growing. Not. From the perspective of Social Weather Station and Pulse Asia, Filipinos are hungrier and poorer.

Asian Gold Medalists: Antonio Gabica, Violito Payla, Joan Tipon, and Rene Catalan
Honest boxer Joan Tipon said that they had little government support. Payla had to borrow shorts during his fight. Despite the obstacles, they still decided to fight and win.

Karapatan, Amnesty International and other human rights group
They made quite a noise. The government derided them. The International Community listened.

The Lower House Minority
How the hell do you deal with Luis Villafuerte and Edcel Lagman? Outnumberered by the administration, the minority's voice was still heard by the public. They are now rewarded by favorable rankings in the senatorial surveys.

Judge Benjamin Pozon
Raul Gonzales...meet your match.

Religious Groups
They should have went all-out against this murderous administration...yet, we still have to admit that they gave Gloria quite a scare.

Gina Pareno
Former teen star. Former drug addict. Ladies and gentlemen - Gina Pareno - international award-winning actress.

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