Sunday, December 17, 2006

Two Hours with Chiz Escudero

The good people of 2bu Inquirer granted my request to have a photo with signature of Francis Escudero. They did more than that...they gave me a chance to talk with Chiz. Pictures will be uploaded later. Sosolohin ko muna.

Having met a number of politicians before, one thing that differentiates Chiz from the rest is that I did not feel AND he did not make me feel that he was a politician.

(Ang bango ni Chiz!)

He was very accomodating in answering questions that are mostly not related with politics.

(Ang gwapo ni Chiz!)

When I saw his car (Alam ko ang plate number, fan ako eh.), all of the questions that I wanted to ask him popped in my head. However, when he shook my hand, nakalimutan ko na lahat.

(Ang gandang ngumiti ni Chiz!)

Along with 2bu's Tammy and Leslie and my friend Roxy (rhyming pa), we talked about almost everything - from Angelina Jolie to Mar Roxas...of course, may mga CHIZmis - which will not be posted in the blog.

(Ang galing magsalita ni Chiz!)

Thank you po talaga Sir. You made my Christmas and upcoming birthday memorable.

But of course, thank you to the staff of 2bu who knows how to make a person happy.
It's nice to know that there are still people who are willing to grant simple wishes. I remember a movie director once said that life is made up of moments. You will never completely remember everything that happend to you but what will stand out are those moments that made you laugh or cry, smile or frown. You will not recognize the gold bar just the glitters that shone brightly in time.

Nakita lang si Chiz naging poetic na.

Sige thank you na rin sa makulit kong friend na si Roxy.

All I can say is that siguradong may boto ka na sa 2007 elections.

I wanted to skip the cheesy part but...this is really a Merry CHIZmas!

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Anonymous said...

What a way to end the year. You finally met your idol, your "Philippine Idol". Nice to know you got your birthday and Christmas present signed, sealed and delivered to you on a silver platter.