Thursday, December 07, 2006

Quiz be with You

Answer the following questions.

1. After being rejected by the Judicial Bar Council, Miriam Defensor Santiago described herself as the following EXCEPT...

a. being irate

b. being suicidal

c. foaming in the mouth

d. having beautiful legs

2. Mike Arroyo enumerated several foods he is not allowed to eat anymore after the angioplasty. Which one is not included?

a. lechon

b. ice cream

c. kaldereta

d. banana toh-ron

3. During the Con-Ass proceedings, a certain congressman demanded the representatives of Sorsogon, Taguig, Cavite, and all those who oppose Charter Change to ____ __.

a. shut up

b. get out

c. join administration

d. share charisma


Anonymous said...

Quite a trivia you posted on my site. You are right, the title of representaTHIEVES is very appropriate.

The Purple Phoenix said...

credit goes to the dzmm radio show dos por dos for regularly enumerating the exact time for all the activities of the representathieves.