Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Neanderthals in the House

The Neanderthals

With all due respect to our extinct cousins, reading the blow-by-blow account of MLQ3 on the Con-Ass proceedings conjures up images of our Evolutionary past.

Can you imagine words like 'hooting' and 'catcalls' are used in the same sentence with 'majority floor leader' and 'representative?'

I can imagine it. This is the Philippine Congress. Goodness. It is so uncivilized. With this murderous exercise, the administration lawmakers were able to regress the legacy of the great civilizations. The ancients Greeks are rolling in their graves. Demos. Kratos. Democracy. These words are not important anymore among our legislators.

It's such a ghastly sight seeing the prominent pro-Arroyo Bicolano lawmakers railroading our constitution while the death toll of Reming in their region is increasing by the day.

The Neanderthals were stronger and more intelligent than the Homo sapiens but they died out because they couldn't form social relationships.

I'm not saying that the administration congressmen are more intelligenct. I just hope they die out.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Neanderthals...we should put them in museums and declare them extinct.

The Purple Phoenix said...

gastos pa ang museum. ilibing na lang sa lupa. i hope they're biodegradable.