Friday, December 08, 2006

Meek Response

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I don't know if this news item would get into the front pages tomorrow. The House has finally approved the prohibition of public servants from casinos. The ban also includes officials of government-owned and controlled corporations as well as their spouses.


1. Are mistresses of government officials and servants also included?

2. Are political jueteng lords and protectors included in this ban?

3. How about political children (from the legal and extra-marrital sides)?

4. With all their energy spent on Con-Ass, how were they able to sneak the passage of this bill?

The author of the bill, Zamboanga del Norte 1st District Representative Roseller Bariniga said that the reason for this bill is to ' help bring back morality and ethical standards in government.'

That's a tough mission.

It is very commendable that some of them still thinks of morality and ethical standards. However,if you really want the government in general and the House, in particular, to regain their morality, it would be better if:

Bariniga initiates the prohibition of self-serving moves to change the Constitution.


Anonymous said...

I second the motion!

The Purple Phoenix said...

kaya lang sir, sabi nga ng majority aka rainbow house majority, THE NAYS HAVE IT.