Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Year of the Political Hot Mommas

2006 is turning out to be the year of the women. Excluding cheaters, the famle specie seems to be dominating the world of politics. The next few years wouldn't be different especially for the United States of America. Two years from now, we should prepare ourselves for three words: Presidentiable Hillary Clinton.

However, I believe that there are three women politicians who were able to stole the limelight from the rest. For lack of better description, let me call them as the Political Hot Mommas. Power and pulchritude is such a fatal combination.

Segolene Royal (France)

In my opinion she is the definition of a political hot momma: beautiful, charismatic, and phenomenal. Some people dub her as a Political Pin-Up. But her recent victory in the Socialist Primary as its official presidential candidate next year sealed her place as one of the most powerful figures in politics today. If she wins next year (and its very probable that she will), then France will have their first female president. As Paris Hilton would say, 'that's hot.' Plus her name... Can a name be more be more beautiful and regal than Segolene Royale?

Nancy Pelosi (United States of America)

The Republicans tried to paint her as this out and out liberal who will try destroy the long-held values of the American people. From the bluest of blue district, San Francisco, Nancy Patricia D' Alessandro Pelosi shot to the nation's prominence. Call her Madame Speaker Pelosi. Let's just say that the Grand Old Party's worst nightmare came true.

Loren Legarda (Philippines)

The book. The break-up. The recount. She is leading in all senatoriable surveys. She recently topped the trust ratings among Filipinos. It's quite puzzling that like Loren who isn't even holding any elected office. Ducky Paredes in his column said that Legarda has come to her own. If CLEAN ELECTIONS would push through, then prepare yourself for another six years of pashmina in the august chamber.

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