Friday, December 08, 2006

Cha Cha: Dancing with the Rats 1

Quite obvious, the title is a pun of the popular but cheesy show 'Dancing with the Stars.' But since, there is nothing bright in our future if the constitution will be altered by a gang of thieves, I would rather call them 'rats.' This I do with utmost respect to the legacy of rodents.

Dancing with the Rats is my regular (until the murderous train is derailed) Con-Ass Watch entry.

By the way, Dan Brown fans should easily spot that 'star' is an anagram of 'rat.'

After infamously declaring that the audience galley are 'just guests' and not congressmen, Douglas Cagas should now be called as Douglas TAGAS. Why? Kasi may tagas na ang utak niya.

The unidentified lady who snapped back at Tagas should be congratulated for being quick-witted amidst the Congressional ruckus. The courageous woman said that 'we are citizens and we pay your salaries.' You go girl!

Bayan Muna representative Teddy Casino drew applause from the gallery when he counter
the sharp-tongued Neanderthal from Davao del Sur, 'we are representatives of the people and the people have the right to tell us..' That is the kind of lawmaker you'll get if you graduate in the Sociology program of UPLB. I also graduated in that program and in that school. Sorry, I just can't help but B.I.R.G. - Bask In Reflected Glory.

Speaker Jose De Venecia, Jr said that he gets hurt whenever people would describe the recent moves of the Lower House as 'garapal.' He still feels pain? I suggest that we call it as 'baboy' or 'bastos' to lessen his pain.

Don't be surprised if the chances of the administration senatorial bets would further sink into twilight zone while the Con-Ass is on-going. Why? They are giving Francis Escudero and there rest of the opposition a chance to get free publicity. Plus, the administration lawmakers are explicitly demonstrating reasons why the electorate should NOT vote for Prospero Pichay and company.

Ernesto Maceda declares in his column that Teofisto Guingona III is the newest star of the minority. His bellowing voice is apparently a heriditary trait. Remember the bulging-eyed older Guingona deliver his 'I accuse' speech in the early days of impeachment?

Most Dramatic Promise: Joseph Estrada
'With every breath I have, I will fight the unconscionable rape of our Constitution and the murder of our democracy and freedoms.'

Nastiest Radio Text: Listeners of Dos Por Dos
Several radio listeners reminded De Venecia that he should rethink his actions since it's December again. Christmas lights and karma could be just around the corner.

Best One-Line Summary of the Whole Proceedings: Philippine Daily Inquirer

'House Resolution No. 197 was approved after 12 hours of contentious debate and impassioned boos from the gallery (PDI: 12/08/06).'

Best Anti Con-Ass Editorial Ending: Philippine Daily Inquirer

'Like a cock crowing on a dunghill, loudly have the House members proclaimed the stench of victory. The public smells the odor and of hubris - and finds it revolting (PDI: 12/08/06).'

Funniest Puns
1. House of RepresentaTHIEVES
2. Pinababang Kapulungan


Anonymous said...

Nice job, Jowana. If I may add, if their Con-Ass push through... the house will now be called Pinahabang Kapulungan,

The Purple Phoenix said...

he he! patuloy na pinapahaba.