Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cha Cha: Dancing with the Rats 2

It died too soon. Noooo! Kidding. But I was just starting my Charter Change series. How could they! How could the Rainbow House Majority (that's a real name)do this to me! Where's the spirit of Christmas? Kill joys.

Nah. Constitutional Assembly is DEAD.

In memory of the short-lived but well-planned genocide - rape and massacre is too simple a description - here are a last few words.

Juan Miguel Zubiri was almost on the verge of crying during the postpone-Constitutional Assembly press conference. Migs...Migs...that was one of the worst acting job in years. Plus...where you this emotional when you married Audrey Tan?

Did you read the print ad statement of the Rainbow House Majority today? If yes, I'm sure you vomitted when you read the part where they INSISTED that they were SENSITIVE to the public outcry. You know what, there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between sensitivity and cowardice.

CBCP. El Shaddai. Iglesia ni Cristo. Jesus is Lord. All against Constitutional Assembly. I thought that God is Gloria's ally?

You want to see security overkill? Join Sunday's rally.

PAGCOR's medical mission coincided with the prayer rally. The rally has to be moved because PAGCOR also known as 2007 Elections Financer was able to obtain a permit before the bishops. If the guys from PAGCOR are serious with their medical mission, then by all means conduct BICOL.

Oscar Calderon strongly stated that movie stars and politicians will be arrested if they take part of the mammoth rally on stage. This administration will do everything to stay in power...even if it means releasing stupid threats.

Rallyists were warned that the New People's Army and the Rajah Sulayman Group may sabotage the prayer rally. Here's a better threat to Esperon: public warns AFP of People Power if they continue their alarmist strategy to disuade people from joining protests.

Raul Gonzales reminded government that they are prohibited to join any mass actions such as rallies and protests. Why am I wasting precious blog space for Raul? By the way, here's a suggestion: since Gonzales is so concern about Daniel Smith's custody, why don't Raul join the rapist inside his cell - forever. That would suffice the acquittal of the three other soldiers. Justice delayed is justice denied BUT Justice Secretary in jail is justice for eternity.

An assassination plot to kill Prospero Nograles. The police has identified four suspects. Only four? Goodness. I bet more than half of the populace would LOVE TO KILL Nograles!

Assassination plot to kill Prospero Nograles. Is this the best diversionary tactic the Palace could come up? Who would want to kill a supposed to be senatoriable whose rating and winnability is within twilight zone?

Headline: Assassination Plot to Kill Nograles.
Reaction of Filipinos: Nograles who?

Jose De Venecia said that the reason behind the ending is to end disiveness. Yeah right. Try harder Mr Potato Head.

Good Headline: House Kills Con-Ass
Better Headline: House Majority Commits Suicide

Next Attraction: Constitutional Convention...

...will you allow Con-Con Elections with Abalos and company at helm?


Another prayer rally is in order.

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