Tuesday, November 21, 2006

You Know Your Candidacy is in Trouble if...

... you're still wearing that 'I Love Gloria' shirt.

... you're still wearing that 'Big Mike Rocks Big Time' shirt.

... your opponent's text mate is Virgilio Garciliano.

... your opponent's golfing buddy is Benjamin Abalos.

... you have the same sense of humor as John Kerry.

... you have the same political ideology as George Bush.

... your bumper sticker says, 'Administration Loves the Nation.'

... your other bumper sticker says, 'Palparan For Life.'

... you still believe in honest elections.

... you still believe that the COMELEC is an independent body.

... you still believe that agriculture funds are utilize for agricultural purposes.

... your vision of political future is Mike Defensor.

... your vision of political idealism is Prospero Nograles.

... you were part of the Congressional Contingent during the Pacquiao-Morales bout.

... you were part of the Annual Atienza Pacquiao Motorcade after the bout.

... your political strategist is Bobby Briliante.

... your political strategy involves cases to suspend incumbent officials.

... you join the administration's senate slate.

... you join the the Romulo Macalintal for Justice Secretary Movement.


Anonymous said...

Nice one Phoenix. I love your post.

Toots Ople said...

quite the jester, you. wicked!

The Purple Phoenix said...

thanks po! blogging wicked is my mode of relaxation. hirap kasi ng graduate school.

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure if Chiz would be there. Look for Leah Navarro and introduce yourself. I'm still not sure if I can make it. I know she invited a lot of bloggers. I hope you enjoy the party.

HILLBLOGGER & Hillblogger Jr said...


Liked the Dolphy-Panchito angle there.

The Purple Phoenix said...

^ thanks!