Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Top Ten Possible Ways for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to have a Positive Trust Rating

Note: Pulse Asia has released a new survey showing the Fake One's (dis)trust rating. In a nutshell, half of the Filipinos do not like her. Ouch. What's a little girl to do? What does she have to do to gain the trust of her countrymen? It is my duty to help a fellow citizen.

1. Let the Presidential Impeachment prosper and then proceed with a much needed Marital Annulment.

2. Appoint Luli as the chief security guard of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport as well as the Metro Railway Transit.

3. Keep Mikey Arroyo. Ask him to do things that are not related to politics and showbusiness.

4. Slap George W Bush in the face if she ever gets to have another nine minute bilateral talks (read APEC news) with the leader of the free world. Not only will it divert our attention from rampant political killings and government scandals - but it will surely gets the approval of a Democratic Congress. Who knows she might even receive the Congressional Medal of Honor?

5. Join any of fantaserye of the big networks. Ask Lopez or Gozon if you could play an evil dwarf queen. Filipinos are into fantaseryes, they might find you cute and lovable if you're part of it.

6. Or better yet, join any Koreanovela. What's a little help from a fellow Asian country to improve one's trust rating? I suggest that Arroyo would play a kimchi mascot. No. A cute and lovable kimchi mascot.

7. Join the opposition.

8. Or join Atong Ang in his cell.

9. Better yet join Estrada in Tanay. Forever. Unless Loi feels uncomfortable with the set-up. Everybody now...yuuuuuck!

10. Resignation is not an option. Ritual suicide like hara kiri or seppuku is more attractive. Stomach slashing or disembowelment is much preferred if held in Mendiola. Or in the Cebu International Convention Center.


Anonymous said...

No. 10 takes the cake. How I wish she would choose this one.

The Purple Phoenix said...

he he. ilabasa na natin ang samurai sword.

mahal pala yon.

magpabili na lang ng balisong kay ermita.