Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Ten Reasons for the Postponement of the Committee Hearing on Allan Peter Cayetano's Case

Note: I forgot to post this one.

1. They're still waoting for the separate complaint of Luli Arroyo.

2. The Arroyos are still looking at an Allan Cayetano-Ramon Tulfo Conspiracy. If they find sufficient evidence linking the two personalities, then they would file a consolidated complaint.

3. The majority did not understand the complaints.

4. Or...the First Family has yet to give the majority additional porks and perks.

5. Mike Arroyo had unexpected visitor in the person er ghost of Rene Cayetano.

6. Both parties are contemplating a less complicated procedure: a Mix Tag Team Match featuring Allan-Pia Cayetano and Mikey-Luli Arroyo. This could very well be an undercard match of the Batista-Bobby Lashley and King Booker-Mr. Kennedy fight this coming October in the Araneta Coliseum.

7. The majority got scared of the minority's "full force" appearance. They felt that it was hard to go up against a team composed of suspected communists, a former boxer (Roilo Golez) and a sumo wrestler (Ronaldo Zamora).

8. The majority thought that they were suppose to talk about Charter Change and not some ethical complaint. Overheard in JDV's office, "Sayang ang oras."

9. Mike Arroyo was not available to oversee the hearing. He was busy with his...what? More than forty libel cases?!

10. The majority had to postpone the hearing because they were needed by Gloria to console her from the dismal result of her European trip.

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