Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Ten Possible Promises Jose De Venecia Made to God During His Scary Flight

1. I promise not to clap excessively during the State of the Nation Address.

2. I promise not to deliver another long and boring speech.

3. I promise not to encourage my wife's political ambition.

4. I promise to prohibit my son to write another newspaper article to save readers from further suffering.

5. I promise not to frustrate a potential House Speaker rival through extra legal means.

6. I promise to cut my pork barrell in half...during leap years.

7. I promise to berate the majority congressmen every time they gang up on the minority...if Luis Villafuerte comes out of the closet publicly.

8. I promise to push for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's impeachment...if Mike Arroyo's weight scales down to 160 lbs.

9. I promise to abandon the People's Initiative...for two seconds.

10. I promise to abandon my ambitions as prime minister...if...naka-land na yung plane? Ayos. Lord, hindi ko natapos yung last promise ko ha? I still want to be a prime minister.


schumey said...

Namatayan na nga ng anak, 'di pa rin natutuo itong si Tenga. Pag 'di pa yan tumigil, baka buong pamilya an ang sumunod. 'Di siya puwedeng kunin ni Lord kasi only the good die young.

The Purple Phoenix said...

di daw po naniniwala ang karma sa only the good die young :-)

best way for jdv to die: Mabagsakan ng mga milyon-milyong fake and forced signatures ng singaw ng bayad!

schumey said...