Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Top Ten Possible Outcomes if Allan Peter Cayetano will be Expelled in the Lower House

Accompanied by his brother and son in the Lower House, Mike Arroyo filed a complaint against Representative Allan Peter Cayetano for (we know this by heart, all together now) PEDDLING LIES.

Not surprisingly, his fellow Atenean Prospero Nograles received the complaint. The bombastic majority floor leader assured that the complaint will be directed to the Ethics Committee. Aksyon agad, ika nga!

If Cayetano gets expelled for peddling lies, shouldn't Iggy Arroyo be expelled too for admitting that he was the real Jose Pidal?

Mikey? Come on, his movies are crimes against humanity. WE ALL SHOULD FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST HIM.

Here are the ten possible outcomes if Cayetano gets expelled as congressman:

1. He will easily win in the 2007 Senatorial elections.

2. The ghost of Rene Cayetano will haunt the Arroyo couple - forever.

3. Anybody may assume Cayetano's vacated position as long as his family name is Tinga.

4. ABSCBN will revive their legal service program Companero y Companera. It will be hosted by Allan and Pia Cayetano. Talagang kapamilya. Oh, it will be directed by Lino Cayetano.

5. He will have a busy schedule accomodating all request for interviews by all TV stations.

6. He will be a regular guest in all the shows of ANC.

7. Speaking of ANC, they will produce another Square-Off program but with a reality TV twist. It will be a weekly debate pitting Cayetano against any member of the Arroyo clan he chooses.

8. The Taguig-Pateros representive will give Mike Arroyo not three but five balut. It means: GO TO HELL JOSE PIDAL.

9. The opposition will stage a fighting despidida party for Cayetano in front of the Batasan with Dinky Soliman singing If We Hold on Together once more.

10. Like his father, the life of the younger Cayetano will be dramatized in Maalaala Mo Kaya. Sam Milby will star as Cayetano while Rudy Meyer will play Mike Arroyo. The director? Lino Cayetano.

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