Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Truth Caravan and the Seven Boxes of Impeachment Evidence

Another GMA effigy burning

That's the Stop the Killings streamer

Arranging the seven boxes of evidence

Much better arrangement for all the world to see

The now ubiquitious Bayan Muna flags

After trashing the impeachment complaints filed by concerned citizens and backed by the opposition lawmakers, a Truth Caravan has been conducting a series of meetings to present the seven boxes of evidence that would be presented had the trial started.

Their first stop was in UP Diliman.

The party-list Bayan Muna headed the affair.

Here are some of the pictures I took during the event.

Sorry I was too sleepy to remember the details. Sleepiness caused by watching the Impeachment coverage and attending the State of the Nation:A Postcript forum the day before.


geexie said...

Hi CHIZM8! hehe... thanx for checking out my blog... anyways, for that event ( the truth caravan ), I was there! hehehe... I wonder why wala ako sa pix mo? lolz!

take care! ;)

The Purple Phoenix said...

uhmmm...kasi puro apoy at bandila ang kinuhanan ko :)

thanks and good day!