Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just a Suggestion

Singapore. Since Gloria Macapagal Arroyo insists on being the president of our republic while moonlighting as the dictator of the Strong Republic, she should think of migrating to Singapore - and run there as prime minister. She doesn not have to push for Charter Change - their government is already parliamentary in nature.

What's with the suggestion.

Click on the title.

It seems that when it comes to activists and protesters, Singapore and the Philippines are soulmates.

Walden Bello and Anna Marie Nemenzo were banned from attending the IMF-WB meet.

The latest move of Singapore will definitely bring tears to Palaparan and Querol's eyes.

Gloria, don't you love Singapore?




schumey said...

Maybe they're just protecting their biggest account. I wouldn't be surprised if the first family has some account stashed in Singapore. The IMF-WB is our biggest creditor, it definitley doesn't want our country to stop borrowing. GMA too is their biggest account, with the way she's been borrowing left and right to prop her non-existent popularity.

The Purple Phoenix said...

And another reason why that does not impress me. Kahit ilang beses pang batikusin ni Lee Kuan Yew ang Pinas, ok lang. Kamukha naman niya si Fred Lim :)

cent said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog.

To answer your question, no, I'm definitely not a Chiz fan. Go figure.

The Purple Phoenix said...

^labo din ah. nice pic. i love anime :)

taga ilog said...

Sa Lorong 8,Geylang pwede si GMA!

Mahilig syang mambugaw kaya dun sya nababagay!

The Purple Phoenix said...

^di ka rin galit :-)