Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Top Ten Reasons why Only a Few People Read Fidel Ramos' Sunday Column in The Manila Bulletin

Note: read the newest issue of Newsbreak for more information.

1. People buy Manila Bulletin because of the classified ads section and not the opinion section.

2. What? Manila Bulletin has an opinion section?

3. Yes it does...and I bet you'd rather read Adrian Cristobal's short but substantial articles than Fidel Ramos' long and boring ramblings.

4. It's already 2006 but Ramos writes as if we're living in 2000 - as in Philippines 2000.

5. You'd rather watch him go head-to-head with Miriam Santiago during senate investigations than read his prose.

6. Fidel Ramos' columns are exciting as a Jose De Venecia speech.

7. Manila Bulletin subsribers are too busy reading TonTon Young's Pupung comic strips.

8. Or too busy deciphering the numerous showbiz blind items in the entertainment section.

9. Or they decided to search the classified ads. Again.

10. Let's keep this simple: he can't write.

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