Friday, August 18, 2006

Top Ten Signs that an Administration Congressman is a Closet Homosexual

1. He does not want to be addressed as "congressman," instead, he insists to be called as a "congreSISTAH."
2. He believes that there should be other congressional committees such as Committee on National Beautification.
3. Instead of clapping in the last State of the Nation Address, he was screaming.
4. Speaking of the State of the Nation Address, he not only praised the colorful Power Point presentation of GMA - he also praised the color of her gown.
5. He hates Danton Remoto and the rest of the Ladlad group because they would be the first openly admitted gay should their party list wins in the 2007 elections.
6. He likes the idea of a federal government because he thinks that it is a government ruled by the Federasyon.
7. During press conferences, he continuously frets about his hair and his camera angles.
8. He's quite close to Representative Luis Villafuerte - if you know what I mean.
9. He's quite close to Representative Joey Salceda - if you know what I mean.
10. Just like any other administration lawmakers, he hates the opposition BUT he secretly ADMIRES Gilbert Remulla and Francis Escudero.


Anonymous said...

you mean si luis ay....AYYYY!!!

si joey, nun pa yan. ask any stockbroker.

The Purple Phoenix said...

yup si luis ay...ayyyy!!!

i remember sa isang debate sa ateneo, eh sinabi ni luis na kapag naririnig niyang magsalita si francis (we all know which congressman he's refering to) ay natutunaw ang puso niya.

pramis, tumayo ang lahat ng buhok ko sa katawan.

Anonymous said...

o yeah. sa senado maraming ganyan at ung iba manyakis pa.

The Purple Phoenix said...

don't tell me, nabiktima ka :-) said...

hi, danton remoto here. this is so funny and so true.

bravo to a fab blog.

danton remoto
chairman, ang ladlad

The Purple Phoenix said...

omg! ibang level na to. thanks for the post mr. remoto.

i hope ladlad win all the three seats in the next party-list elections.