Friday, August 18, 2006

Top Ten Differences between Ninoy Aquino and Mike Arroyo

Note: this blog entry is in commemoration of Ninoy Aquino's death anniversary on Monday, August 21. If history was a bit different, Ninoy would have been the first First Gentleman (or he could have been a president) - instead Mike Arroyo got the distinction.
1. The most obvious difference is seen around the waist.
2. Ninoy Aquino is immortalized in our five hundred peso bill. Mike Arroyo just wants more five hundred peso bills and other kind of monetary bills.
3. Ninoy Aquino was a former senator. Mike Arroyo is afraid of senate hearings.
4. Ninoy Aquino fought a dictator but Mike Arroyo sleeps with a dictator.
5. Ninoy Aquino's death move a nation into a bloodless revolution. On the other hand, Mike Arroyo's death will move a nation into one hell of a bloody celebration.
6. I never heard of Ninoy Aquino being linked to a smuggler. What her name again...Vicky Toh?
7. They both have younger brothers who are currently elected congressmen but at least one of them is not idiot enough to admit that he is the real Jose Pidal.
8. They both have children in showbusiness but at least Kris Aquino can NOW act but Mikey...can you honestly call him an actor?
9. Ninoy Aquino was married to a widowed president and Mike Arroyo is married to a non-widow and a non-president.
10. Ninoy Aquino famously declared that "the Filipino is worth dying for." I say, it's true, the Filipino is indeed worth dying for...unless that Filipino is Mike Arroyo.


Anonymous said...

Truly a timely & an in-depth piece of explosive against the illegal squatter in Malacanang & her family.

Bull's eye!!!!!

The Purple Phoenix said...

^ thanks!