Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stopping the Arroyo Administration 101

How do you get rid of trash? How do you get rid of unwanted baggage? How do you get rid of a trapo?
Not the lowly but extremely helpful rag. Trapo as in traditional politics.
Elections? Nah. We have seen what technology (and lots of money) could do. Leave a message -Hello Garci- and after several "noted" replies, you'll end up living in Malacanang.
Charge cases? What the F are you talking about? Charging cases (infinite cases if you wish) will not instill an ounce of fear on the trapos. No. Never.
Media expose? You pay the media and there goes the expose. Although there are exceptions. Yet as long as the Alex Magno, Belinda Olivares and company breathe - there is no way the media could act as the nation's guard.
So here are suggestions on how to get rid of the trapo BEFORE THE 2007 ELECTIONS. There should be an elections Gloria or else...
1. Kill Them. As simple as that. Bang. You're dead. Hey, if Jovito Palparan could do it against activists why not do it against these pathetic politicians. At least the activists have a sense of ideology. Traditional politicians don't. They do not have a sense and they do not have an ideology.
2. Systematic Blackmail. Oooh. I love the sound of it. It's mafia. It's a no brainer that these guys (and gals) dip their hands on illegal activities and illicit affairs. You know what I mean...bring out those video cameras. You Tube here we come. Upgrade your email capacity, there's a lot of dirt to pile up.
3. Public Embarassment. I like the pie throwing done overseas. Remember that white pastry that found it's way to Bill Gates' face. Why not do it here? But no pies allowed. Pies are too tasty to touch the filthy pores of our traditional politicians. What we need is something more earth-friendly. Something more biodegradable. Dung.
4. What else...I'm still thinking. No idea coming out. Killing them is enough...oh I know. Why not include their sons and daughters? Awww. You might be saying something like, "but the sins of the fathers should not be associated with them." Not? Try talking to the son of Prospero Nograles' son who is studying in Ateneo Law School. Just try it. Believe'd want to kill him too.
5. Lastly...why not WE START IT NOW.
Get off your lazy ass. Do it. Now.

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