Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bastards. Bastards and More Bastards

You might be wondering why I haven't posted anything when there are a lot of hot air in the Philippine political world. Nope. Not yet.
The Fundit is still taking time. Trying to collate all my anger and one day (soon) it will just blow - not only in the virtual world but in the real world. Real world depends on whether you believe Plato, Aristotle or other crazy dead guy who had too much time (aka philosophers).
It will come.
But for now satisfy yourself with this scathing and absolutely correct view from the opinion pages of Malaya.
Too much bastards in the world.
Why the hell do we have to throw them out?
Can we not just kill them?
Or better yet -if you really want to throw them out- THROW THEM TO LEBANON.

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