Friday, July 28, 2006

Top Ten Reasons why Gloria Arroyo Suffered a Flu

1. Sam Milby has hoarded all the available Centrum in the market that's why Gloria does not have enough vitamins.

2. Revenge of Glenda the typhoon. The typhoon felt insulted because the SONA is more destructive than her.

3. It's not flu; it's diarrhea...again. The palace is just to embarass to admit it.

4. It's not flu; it's only a FLUKE. Why? It's the last resort of the Malacanang spin doctors to actually induce sympathy and support from the Filipinos.

5. But it could be a real flu...BIRD FLU. The resemblance between Gloria Arroyo and Tweety Bird is too hard to ignore.

6. Sure, the impeachment complaints will have a hard time with all the greedy administration lawmakers blocking its chances. Sure, the protesters will have a hard time as long as Querol and Calderon is manning the police force. And sure, Gloria will never resign but as they say - THE SPIRIT IS WILLING BUT THE BODY IS WEAK AND WEAKENING.

7. She just wants Manny Pacquiao to visit her again.

8. She loves the amenities in St. Lukes Hospital.

9. It's part of her CHACHA campaign. Why? I don't know. I mean this administration will actually DO ANYTHING to get what they want. Maybe even getting a flu is one of their strategies.

10. It's just a case of "love-nat." It has been how long since she saw Nani Perez...


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