Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Leftists and the Second Impeachment...

A self-proclaimed president alots another billion in her all-out war against the leftists. Or communists. Or NPA forces. Or militants. Or critical party-list members. Or oppositionists. Or government destabilizers. Or the upgraded term, terrorists.
Or the majority of the Filipinos.
Because the impending second impeachment is just around the corner. In fact, next week: June 26, 2006.
So what's the connection between the communists and the second impeachment?
Satur Ocampo? No.
Crispin Beltran? No.
Teddy Casino? No.
It's the money we're talking about.
Why increase the budget against the Reds when it seems that Palparan's Black Army is delivering quite well?
It's because Prospero Nograles and the rest of the administration tadpoles needs money. They need another financial reward to fortify their loyalty for the Midget.
You see, it's expensive to take care of a bunch of "for sale" lawmakers.
Joma Sison's scathing comment that the additional billions will dwindle due to corruption is so true. It's just that this kind of corruption is institutionalized by Nograles and his tribe.
The Reds will be wiped out in two years.
It will never happen. There are hundreds of lawmakers out there who needs to be fed.

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