Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Great Relief

With the infinite "pag-iinarte of Imee Marcos" and the comical move of Jing Paras, I had a short scare of my young life because I thought Chiz Escudero will be replaced by the opposition forces as House Minority leader. Last June 16, Allan Peter Cayetano said in a DZMM interview that Chiz will remain as Minority Leader.

Whew. Sigh.


It's not enough that he's the spokesperson of the opposition. He should speak and LEAD.

Duh. Who would you replace him? Ronnie Zamora? No way.

Imee Marcos? Eeeew.

Dodot Jaworski? Aaaaaaaaargh!

It's Chiz.

Should be him.

Or I'll kill you all.

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