Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Political Fashion Statements

Celebrities are major trend-setters. In this age of celebrity cult – we – the toiling masses are their most ardent (and stupid) followers. Politicians are considered celebrities – thanks or no thanks – to the unlimited media mileage they receive from the press. They may not be the best fashionistas around but their lasting fashion statements are as memorable as their ever-changing political pronouncements.

Imelda Marcos and the Enduring Image of the Terno
I must admit, she was beautiful in that dress – butterfly sleeves for the Iron Butterfly. But it’s better to leave that image as that – a mere memory. Let’s hope that no Imeldific political comeback will occur in the future.

The Yellow World of Corazon Aquino
It was always a yellow affair. Of course Tita Cory wears clothes of other shades but it was the color of the ribbon tied in the old oak tree that is forever associated with her.

Eddie’s Short Shorts Stint
During the Ramos presidency, sports and health were given adequate attention. While Juan Flavier was hawking condoms and iodized salt, FVR was promoting jogging and other forms of exercises. He used to wear micro jogging shorts which are a really scary sight.

Hairy Situation 1: Rebonded Big Man
Everyone was asking what did Franklin Drilon do? There was something different about him. No, it’s not his party affiliation – something about his hair. Just like any other questions of personal interest, Kris Aquino has the answers. The Senate Big Man had his hair rebounded. Whoa.

Presidential Wristband
No other president sported a moustache and no other president sported a wristband but Joseph Estrada. Then again, it wasn’t just any wristband; it’s a presidential wristband with a presidential seal no less. Contrary to popular belief, he didn’t use the wristband to distinguish his left hand from his right. It was covering agent for a scar.

The Encyclopedia Salesman
Whether he is starring in a Carlo Caparas movie or warring with Armida Siguon Reyna about movies, Manoling Morato wears a tucked white polo shirt and a simple tie. No fuss. No flamboyance.

Flower Power
There must be something about polo shirts with flower prints. Ramon Magsaysay introduced it to the political scene. Raul Roco made it a permanent fixture. And Lito Atienza elevated it to tackiness.

Hairy Situation 2: D.S.W.D. – Dinky Soliman’s Weird Do
Jolina Magdangal was the last person to flaunt colorful and crazy hair accessories until Dinky Soliman decided to resurrect it from the pits of fashion hell. For the record, it is a clip on hair accessory that serves hair streaks. According to Hyatt 10 member, her famous accessories are available in Glorietta.

Pashmina Pandemonium
The Estrada impeachment trial opened us to many realities. One of these realities is the fact that Loren Legarda has a vast Pashmina shawl collection. I do find her magenta (or is hot pink) shawl very flattering for her.

Campaign Blue
Mar Roxas is a rich man. In fact, he is the eighth richest lawmaker in the Senate today. Despite of his wealth, he is usually seen in his trademark blue polo shirt. It was that blue polo shirt in his campaign TV ads and his campaign posters. Heck, I even saw him wearing it while enjoying a La Salle-Ateneo basketball game. It might be a blue world for Mar but what makes his life colorful is his best accessory ever – Korina Sanchez.

Wearing His Political Heart on His Short Sleeves
While most congressmen prefer expensive suits, Francis Escudero chooses short sleeved white polo shirt. I have personally witnessed him deliver his famous gift of gab and logic wearing that simple attire. If not for his flawless performance, you’d think he’s a taxi driver. But of course, no taxi driver is as cute as Chiz.

Hairy Situation 3: The Tsunami Look of Gloria Arroyo
Was it during or after the disastrous Hello Garci year that Gloria opted to have a new hairstyle? I’m referring to her present do, much shorter than before – as short as her temper. But it is the sweeping parting that caught my eye. It looks like it was swept by a giant tidal wave.

The White Queen

Susan Roces is known (and criticized) for her antiquated hairstyle that is all teased up and nowhere to go. However, when she delivered that “not once but twice” speech in Club Filipino, she metamorphosed into a white scourge to the Arroyo administration. White blouse. Single strand of white pearl necklace. It was a fiery apparition that overwhelmed the bland “I am sorry” speech of a certain cheater.

The Youthful Appeal of Darlene Antonino Custodio
She makes everything look young. While most of us seek the elusive fountain of youth, this feisty lawmaker has already found it. Darlene looks like a girl. So what’s her fashion statement? How about staying young forever? No Botox and no Belo. That’s life.

Pretentious Presidential Puppet
When did he start wearing braces? When did he start wearing black bagets necklaces? Who cares? Not me. Mike Defensor’s latest fashion foray screams pretentiousness.

Hairy Situation 4: Pia Pia Pia’s Hot Hot Hot Curls
The pretty face of Pilar Juliana Cayetano is usually framed by a simple pony tail. But when she switched to curls and let her hair down, she transformed from pretty to pretty hot. It was rather appropriate considering that his brother is the hot Lino Cayetano.

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